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  • How do you turn spell check on?

    From the answer: Thanks for taking the time to post here in the Community, .... Currently, there isn't an option to turn on the spell check function.

  • Add a private memo to an invoice

    From the answer: Thanks for reaching out to us here in the Community, .... Yes, you're correct with adding notes on each customer.

  • Need labor costs to be included in job profitability reports

    From the answer: Greetings, .... I'd like to provide some resources on how you can charge your customer for the actual time and costs for a job and include this in your jobs' profitability report.

  • Report preferences

    From the answer: Hi there, .... Thanks for reaching out to us about the report preferences for QuickBooks Mac 2019.... Most likely your QuickBooks is set to Accrual and reverts when you exit the program or open another company.

  • Opening Balance Equity is Negative Has Not Balanced Out

    From the answer: OBE is an equity account used when you enter starting balances once you have done that, then you move OBE to owner equity with a journal entry for a positive OBE balance, debit OBE, credit equity do the opposite if the balance is negative   OBE is no

  • Service Charge of $40

    From the answer: Hi,  Janicetate .... Thanks for joining the Community.... I'm here to share some insights about the fee.... The $40 could be for your monthly payroll subscription fee on top of the $4 per employee.

  • Need to purchase Quickbooks for Winodws AND for Macs?

    From the answer: Hello there, .... I'd like to begin with welcoming you to the Community.... I'd be happy to provide you with some details about converting QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks for Mac.

  • cash collections

    From the answer: wrote: I operate a vending company and want to know the best way to record the money collected from my machines.

  • need help figuring out Paypal reconciling with a credit card payment

    From the answer: Let me help you sort this out, .... Since you're seeing a different amount other than zero at the bottom of the Reconcile window, it is possible that there is a discrepancy on your reconciliation.

  • Memorized Transactions.

    From the answer: Good day, !... I'm here to share a little more details about user permissions in your QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.

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