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  • Tracking Accrued Revenue Behind the Scenes in Cash Basis

    From the answer: JEs are posted in both cash and accrual reports in QBO, unlike QBD where you have some control based on which entry is on the first line.

  • Error after Upgrade

    From the answer: Hey there, .... Thanks for letting me know about the error you're getting and for providing a screenshot.

  • Warehouse Manager App > lot numbers

    From the answer: Hi  kseighman ,   The option to choose the lot number for the picker is unavailable.... Same goes with the serial numbers.

  • Our other computer is not loading QB. Yesterday was fine

    From the answer: Hello there,  284237911 .... There a few possible reasons as to why QuickBooks Desktop stops working.... Here some of the possible reasons:  You may have damage or missing file.

  • Import not working

    From the answer: It looks like this is a duplicate post, Susan607.... Let me link you to the original thread where my colleague responded to your question.

  • Budget

    From the answer: Hi there, Ryder .... Thanks for letting me know.... Let me help ensure your Profit and Loss report, and Budget for Profit and Loss will match in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • I need to enter my photo ID

    From the answer: Good day,  Hopkins6769 .... I'd be happy to help you enter your photo ID in QuickBooks Desktop.... If you're trying to add a photo of your customers, vendors, or employee in QuickBooks Desktop, you can follow the steps on how to do it.

  • Needing to upgrade and I'd like to switch from PC to the Mac Version

    From the answer: Hi there,  Carilarsen .... Thanks for joining the Community.... I'm here to share a few details about switching to QuickBooks Desktop for Mac from Windows.

  • Converting from Sage 50 using the Conversion Tool

    From the answer: Hi there, .... Thanks for joining the Community today.... I'm here to help share some information about converting Sage 50 into QuickBooks Desktop.

  • how to print non-negociable on direct depoit checks

    From the answer: Glad to have you here in the Community, .... I appreciate you changing bank account to help resolve your concern.

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