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  • SSN of owners

    From the answer: Hi Oxana, We’re glad to have you here in the Community.... I can share some details on how QuickBooks Payments works.

  • URGENT: Gopayment Not Recognizing Account

    From the answer: Hello there, kriess.... Thanks for visiting the QuickBooks Community.... I’m here to share some information about the login error you encountered when accessing the GoPayment app.

  • Missing credit card transaction money

    From the answer: Hi @amcLLC ,   Welcome to the Community.... I'm here to get you pointed in the right direction for locating the missing credit card transaction money.

  • Pro 2016 Posting payments,

    From the answer: Recon could mean reconciled.

  • Check Help

    From the answer: Yes, you can handwrite checks

  • Credit card payments

    From the answer: @TWB   You need QuickBooks Payments merchant service to accept credits cards and ACH transfer.... You can learn more from you QBO settings.

  • Refund a bank transfer payment

    From the answer: Thanks for your help.... I don't see this particular transaction when I do the search.... Maybe because it wasn't a credit card?

  • Reapplying to accept payments

    From the answer: Thanks for coming to the Community, @PatrickDougherty .... It will be my pleasure to help you get rolling with QuickBooks Payments.

  • Deposit

    From the answer: Hey @amcLLC ,   Welcome to the Community.... I'd be glad to assist you with determining why it's saying deposit on hold.

  • Cash transaction history

    From the answer: Welcome to the Intuit Community,  willaparain .... Let’s print a report of all your mobile GoPayment transactions.

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