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  • Sorting an inventory report by similar items

    From the answer: Hello there, Britta_Peterson .... Thanks for reaching out to us.... I'm here to provide some insights about the report you need in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Job costing: allocating labor costs

    From the answer: I am assuming that your payroll costs are either manually entered as a journal entry based on the payroll company's report or the transactions are downloaded in summary form from the payroll company.

  • out of balance balance sheet

    From the answer: No, not in QB as it's a double entry accounting system.... Did you try Rebuilding the data file?

  • Rate decimal places when Invoicing remaining amount of estimate

    From the answer: Hi there, .... Thank you for reaching out to us and providing details.... I can share some insights about the rounding off feature in QuickBooks.

  • HELP! Expenses are showing in bank accounts but not expense accounts

    From the answer: When you write, "they will not show up under the actual expense account (I can't even get a total $)", where are you looking?  " Under the account"?

  • payroll

    From the answer: I appreciate you checking with us,  GabeS .... I'd be happy to answer your question about QuickBooks payroll.

  • uploading invioces from excel spreadsheet

    From the answer: Hi tlandersm   I'd like to share a few things about the uploading data in QuickBooks Desktop.... Right now, we are unable to directly import customer's transactions in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • AR Net 10 Terms (only) does not update Due Date...all others updated accurately - Hosted Site

    From the answer: The most likely solution is to edit the terms record on the terms list and fix it so that it's actual properties match the name.

  • How can I run the Profits and Loss reports to query on Bill Due Date and not on Bill Date? We are only interested in the date the bills are payed.

    From the answer: You can't, and it would be inappropriate.... Financial reports always work off the transaction dates, considered the dates for financial reporting, and not any other dates.

  • Port Employee Data from Intuit Online to Enterprise

    From the answer: If you can access the seller's Intuit Online Payroll account, then you can export the payroll data, Bajwa74.

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