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  • Customers & Jobs - change list view

    From the answer: Hello there, .... I'll help you change the view in the Customer Center so that the job name is next to the customer.

  • Email invoices batch

    From the answer: Good day,  Lori22 .... Yes, you're able to send invoices with attachments by batch.... Just make sure your QuickBooks Desktop is updated to the latest release.

  • How do I get a customer's transaction report to include payments that are part of split deposits?

    From the answer: Glad you solved your issue.... You can always edit a post and some will remove most content but your problem and how you solved it should serve as a help to others.

  • Install QB in a snapshot image of Windows?

    From the answer: Thanks for the complete details of your concern, btucker.... There's an option to install multiple versions of QuickBooks Desktop on a single PC.

  • retrieving data from checks already in QB

    From the answer: Hello ,   Currently, we have an on-going issue where users like you experience freezing screen when accessing your employee list and payroll.

  • Payroll back up

    From the answer: Is your old version of QBs still on your machine and do you have a copy or backup of the old file?... You can open both versions of QBs and view them side by side to see what old data is missing.

  • try to restore a backup file and i get this error message "this file was not created with the u.s. version of quickbooks

    From the answer: Did you create the backup using a US version of QuickBooks?

  • A few questions regarding the payment

    From the answer: The payment amount is 0.00, and so you have nothing to apply.... So, you can't apply an amount, as the message says.

  • Is it possible to create a Credit Memo out of an Estimate (progress invoice)

    From the answer: Hello there, @ JohnLapuz ,   We're unable to create a credit memo out of an estimate.... If your client had made an overpayment, then you can add a credit memo and apply it to the next invoice.

  • expense account

    From the answer: You can use as many or as few accounts that meet your needs.... Small tools would fall under Supplies while minor repair material would be Repairs and Maintenance.

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