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  • Missing reoccuring transactions

    From the answer: It could be that the incorrect type of recurring transaction was selected, rachel7.... There are three types of recurring transaction, and only the  Scheduled type will process automatically.

  • American Express Import

    From the answer: Thank you for posting here in the Community, .... You can exclude and upload your transactions again to map them correctly.

  • Account updates

    From the answer: The reasons why the account is not updating depend on the account you're referring to, Cyborg.... If your're referring to the account in the Banking page, you can check out these possible reasons: Your bank's website has an ongoing maintenance.

  • Can you restrict access employees access to payroll?

    From the answer: Hello there,  adrian.sierra .... I appreciate you checking in with us.... Let me share some information about managing users in QuickBooks Online for Accountant (QBOA).

  • How do I correct vendor A/P balances after the closing date?

    From the answer: Vendor credit would be the way to go.... Then use the pay bills screen to apply the credit to their bills.

  • How do I fix QB crashing opening files?

    From the answer: This seems to be a popular problem today since the update.... QB 2015, 16 & 17 are the only "supported" programs that work with Windows 10.

  • My accountant is the Master Admin but she quit. How do I take her off and change the Master Admin? Thank you!

    From the answer: Hi  mickey777 .... I'll be happy to provide you information about changing the Master Administrator.... It would be easy to change the administrator's role if the old Master Admin will transfer it to an existing Company Administrator with an email account.

  • how to link mobile apps with laptop. I have login into my laptop but cant see any invoices which are sent from mobile apps

    From the answer: We can refresh the QBO account that you access on your laptop,  Nil.Ram .... All activities that you do on your mobile app will automatically sync to the web version of QBO.

  • what account would i use for hired entertainers

    From the answer: If the entertainers should receive a 1099 at year end vs. a W-2, I would use Professional Services or create a new expense account and name it Entertainers.

  • how do I clear out bill pay? There are old bills showing from years ago. I just want to have nothing in the bill pay and start fresh. Thank you.

    From the answer: On the enter bills screen choose credit to offset the bill.... Then use the pay bills screen to apply the credit to the bills.

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