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  • Erroneously Deleted Deposit Detail

    From the answer: Yes. there's a way for you to re-create the deposit details so you can delete and re-create your sales receipt, LZAlice .

  • Sales order invoiced with incorrect date

    From the answer: Thanks for getting back to us, .... It's possible that the default date for new transactions was set to use the last entered.

  • How do i post a credit from a vendor for a specific customer of mine?

    From the answer: You never use a JE when Names are involved.... A Vendor Credit is an Enter Bill, changing it to Credit/Return.

  • Flipping Real Estate – Handling expenses and equity accounts

    From the answer: I don't use Class at all.... That is a redundant additional cross-reference to Jobs.... You want to read my handout.

  • Warning

    From the answer: There are ways to resolve this error, aafshar.... It has something to do with the incomplete QuickBooks updates.

  • customize statement of cash flow

    From the answer: Thank you very much for your response.... I do have the deposits set up as current liabilities.... I agree that  we will not be changing our basis in the portion of the asset that is kept and I see your point that perhaps this should be in Financing Activiti

  • Inventory

    From the answer: Yes You need to do a retroactive inventory adjustment to create enough stock at the beginning of the invoice list so that the subsequent invoices can sell those items without going negative.

  • Edit fields for letter templates

    From the answer: Thanks for the quick response,  najungahn .... Allow me to take over and help you further with adding characters to custom letters via QuickBooks Desktop.

  • credit card late fee

    From the answer: Enter it in your credit card register like the charges you make.

  • Fraudulent checks written/cashed. Voiding after period closed

    From the answer: Thank you.... So I would replace the payroll checks with standard checks and then void those to account for them?

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