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  • I´d like to have the Spanish version, where can I set that?

    From the answer: Let's check the language settings of your QuickBooks Online account,  catalina .... You can set it up from your Advanced tab under your Account and Settings .

  • It has the problem to change the billing address

    From the answer: Hello there,  joe , The billing address entered should match with what the bank has on your card.... If the address is correct, check with your bank directly to confirm.

  • does QBO support warehousing?

    From the answer: You can turn on the Class Tracking feature in QuickBooks then create classes for each location,  marlon.landicho .

  • How do I upload from an Expired Trial version to the new account?

    From the answer: Exporting data from an expired trial account is unavailable,  johnnyjones1 .... You may need to subscribe to export the information.

  • Adjust the inventory value

    From the answer: @generalmedical13 If you are referring to adjusting value of the inventories on hand, you can't do it in QuickBooks Online.

  • Can we import expense report to quickbooks?

    From the answer: Let me share some information about importing data to QuickBooks,  info .... May I know what expense report are you trying import?

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