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  • Need help entering GST on Customs

    From the answer: I just did this.... I entered the cost of the item as 0 and put in that it has GST included.... Then the box where is says 5% GST on 0.00 I entered the amount of GST that I had paid.

  • How do I delete a GST/HST report?

    From the answer: Hi, Brenda.... Unfortunately, you can't delete or change a GST/HST return in QBO.... What I would suggest is first reversing the journal entry QuickBooks created when you prepared the return.

  • reclassifying transaction account numbers

    From the answer: Hi James Since you are a CPA - you may want to get the QBOA (for accountant's) version which you can do this in - it is called reclassify transactions.

  • How do I record a refund to a customer?

    From the answer: You may give a refund or a credit to a customer by: clicking the customer tab The more drop down, then select Refund or Credit Select Refund fro the first question: "Are you giving a refund or credit?"

  • Is Quickbooks Online down right now?

    From the answer: Same here...  Looks like Intuit decided to crash / upgrade during business hours.... Here in the US it is 10:00 , since before 8am it has been down....

  • How do I allow access for my accountant?

    From the answer: Hi PaulH When you go to Manage  Users > Invite accountant - you will be asked to provide your accountant's name and email address.

  • what type of account for dividend payment to shareholder

    From the answer: Yep it would be "Equity"

  • Products / Services

    From the answer: o change which account a  Product/Service  item is associated with on the  Chart of Accounts : Choose  Customers  and then  Products and Services List.

  • ROW: How do I edit a w-2 without having to call Quickbooks support?

    From the answer: Hi alsi99, Good day !... i'm here to help :) To fill in W2 form, Singapore income tax return for company.

  • I use QB for CC processing. I can't figure out who made the payment. Where can I see who actually made a payment?

    From the answer: Hello tmscontrols!... Thanks for visiting the community!... I would love to help you with this.... However, checking your data involves disclosure of personal account information, which can’t be done in the Community.

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