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  • QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2019 USA

    From the answer: hi   , We have some clients (mostly a single user license) are running QuickBooks 2019 on RAM < 4 GB.

  • New File for 2019, managing old Estimates and Invoices from 2018

    From the answer: Hi there, Kimba,   If the last invoice was dated in January 2019, you can start with that record.... Then, inactivate the estimate in 2018 with a memo stating it was inactivated because you started a fresh company file with 2019 data.

  • Need report that shows invoices and the checks that were applied to each invoice for a few months.

    From the answer: I appreciate the screenshot you've provided, .... You can run a transaction report from your  Customer center page in QuickBooks.

  • Add job to credit card in reconciliation

    From the answer: Thanks.... There are so many of these little tweeks that would make QB better (for me).... I look forward to seeing them come through development.

  • receive customer payment from 2017

    From the answer: Hello there, @ kkggoodair ,   Let's record those payments in QuickBooks Desktop to zero out open balances on the customer's account.

  • How do I post year end liabilities via a Journal Enry?

    From the answer: It does not matter whether the payroll is done by intuit or an outside source or yourself manually.... The concept is the same, when you run payroll some amount is posted to each liability account, and an expense account.

  • Is it still possible to change the background color of an account register in QB Desktop 2019? One could with older versions of QB Desktop.

    From the answer: Yes. Choose Edit | Change Account Color from the QB menu when the account register is open.

  • Deleted Item during merging

    From the answer: I can provide a few information about merging items in QuickBooks Desktop, rastysaeed When merging two items, you can reverse it.

  • how to write a vacation check and have it record time used.

    From the answer: Use a special vacation pay item.... QuickBooks sometimes sets one up automatically, but if you don't have one you can add one on the payroll items list: Start to set up a new payroll earnings item, either salary or hourly as is appropriate, and check the

  • how do i create a payroll file to send to the bank for direct deposit

    From the answer: QuickBooks won't create an export file for DD for you to use with your bank.... Instead, if they accapt a NACHA file, you can use our BRC Direct Deposit File Creator to create the file.

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