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  • What could cause duplicate Federal withholding on an employee's paycheck?

    From the answer: Thank you for bringing this to our attention,  showse .... I can help you with checking what causes the duplicate federal withholding tax on your employee's paycheck.

  • We need to set up direct deposit and are receiving an error.

    From the answer: You need to set this up with Intuit Payroll.... You also have to be approved for a direct deposit limit so they can insure that the funds will be available when your account is debited since this usually happens up to two banking days before the date of

  • Transaction importer for Enterprise version

    From the answer: Right supports our BRC IIF Transaction Creator Pro , which will help you import transactions into QuickBooks.

  • Hours worked report

    From the answer: Welcome and thank you for posting here in the Community, .... It's my pleasure to help you run reports for the number of hours the employee worked in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • How Do I pay myself as owner of a Subchapter S

    From the answer: Payroll is very complicated and if you don't know what you are doing, will cost you $$ in penalties for late payments and late filings.

  • automatically make a customer and vendot inactive

    From the answer: Thanks for visiting the Community, rhcube.... I have some insights to share about making a customer or vendor inactive.

  • Deposit Slip Wrong

    From the answer: Hi Darryl, I’ll be happy to help you record your deposit.... Since the wrong amount is posted in your actual bank, we need to reflect that amount in your bank register.

  • Declining balance

    From the answer: Yes, there is an easy way to set it up.... Pending how you've been showing the payments may or may not make it a longer process just to clean things up.

  • I need to add a new field in my invoice in QuickBooks for Mac

    From the answer: Hey there, ,   It's nice to see you here today.... I want to make sure you're able to edit your invoice template.

  • Starting Quickbooks after keeping paper records for years.

    From the answer: When starting a new QuickBooks file you need to tie out to your ending balance sheet for the prior year.

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