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  • Closing Journal entries on the AR

    From the answer: It's my pleasure to help, .... Yes, you can tie your journal entries to close the open balance on the A/R Aging report.

  • Clearing accounts payable checks that have cleared the bank daily

    From the answer: Yes, you can  Amy36 .... You can use bank feeds to indicate that the check is cleared in a daily basis by matching transactions.

  • How do you manually change the status of an Estimate...

    From the answer: Hello there, Jason.... The statuses that you can see on the Preferences are only for the Job Status .... When you edit a Job, go to the Job Info tab.

  • Copy Company File for QuickBooks for Mac. Not available

    From the answer: Hello Ehsan58,   The Copy Company File for QuickBooks Mac  option is only available for QuickBooks Desktop Pro and Premier.

  • Is there a way to see updates that have been applied to QuickBooks Desktop?

    From the answer: , Go to the menu Help > Update QuickBooks Desktop > Update Now.... You will find the complete list of updates, last checked and status.

  • Committed Cost report disappeared

    From the answer: I am still able to locate the Committed Cost report, CC39.... It's possible that you changed your QuickBooks Desktop product.

  • Vendor Direct Deposit

    From the answer: I'll explain how direct deposit works, Bkkprgal.... When you pay your vendor through Direct Deposit, you can send the check 2 to 45 days before the payment date.

  • Show BILL TO and SOLD TO in the transaction detail report

    From the answer: Hi Acct3702,   There's currently no option to show the Bill To and Sold To information in the Transaction List by Account Detail report.

  • Enhanced Payroll Renewal & Direct Deposit for Vendors

    From the answer: Hi there, MwilmerFOF.... Yes, you still need to subscribe to payroll since it's a requirement for your vendor's direct deposit.

  • Vendor tax levy

    From the answer: Hi jfw1, I'd be glad to help you record your payment to your vendor and IRS/EDD.... You'll want to create a Wash Account / Clearing account (bank type) where you take payments for your vendor's invoices (bills).

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