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  • Correct process for PO's that are received and not received in inventory

    From the answer: The work flow is create the PO,  enter the bill when items are received   that is where items are listed per item with qty an total cost per item, not in the bank register   then you pay bills using the pay bills icon on the home screen then download

  • completing payroll after switching from online to desktop

    From the answer: Hi there, bootz26.... Yes, QuickBooks Desktop uses a different payroll module.... You will need to cancel the online subscription and subscribe to the Desktop Payroll Services.

  • "Received From" Name in Deposit Reporting

    From the answer: A deposit is essentially a journal entry and journal entries do not track names properly, never have in any version of QB .

  • Inventory Items

    From the answer: Try edit>resort list with your item list open, check your results.

  • Resale and non-inventory items

    From the answer: As you suspect - there is no real difference between service and non-inventory items, they both fiunction exactly the same.

  • CASH Basis - Recording a LOST check in QB from last year

    From the answer: Hi there,  Saphire605 .... I'm glad you reached out to us for help with recording a lost check from last year in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Credit Cards, Importing, and Allocating to Expense Accounts

    From the answer: Credit card charges are considered cash basis events when the charge is made, not when the credit card account balance is paid.

  • roth 401k for employee

    From the answer: Thanks for reaching out to us here in the Community, .... Let's get the Roth 401 (k) contributions to show up as liabilities to pay.

  • How to do account receivable after bank reconciliation is done

    From the answer: Thank you for adding a reply, .... I'd be glad to help handle the your accounts receivable after bank reconciliation is done.

  • Entering bills report

    From the answer: Hi there,  Susan C .... I'd like to join this discussion and provide additional clarification regarding the account number.

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