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  • how do I get contact information to print on invoices

    From the answer: Thanks for getting in touch with u today,  ,   I can share some information on how to add your contact information on your sales forms.

  • Using the register

    From the answer: A "register" is really just QuickBooks' name for its way of representing one of your bank accounts (well, that and other similar things).

  • If I'm a nonresident 1099 worker and will receive a marriage green card, or H-1B later this year, will I have to pay self-employment tax on the money I am making now?

    From the answer: Thanks for reaching out in the Intuit Community, jeremy.m.keith, I’d be happy to answer your post.... QuickBooks Self-Employed helps you track your 1099 self-employed business income.

  • Found unmatched product

    From the answer: Hello there, .... Thanks for posting here in the Community space.... I can help you import your data in QuickBooks Online (QBO).

  • I updated payroll to 21906 and my 941 form for 1st quarter still is 2018

    From the answer: Hi discreet, 941 form is a quarterly report of employees wages and witholdings.... Normally, QuickBooks Desktop Payroll releases the new 941 forms between the last week of March and the first week of April.

  • QBO time clock import specs

    From the answer: Thanks for reaching out to us in the Community, .... I'd like to redirect you to the right support team who handles time clock concerns.

  • Accountant 2018 taxes

    From the answer: It's nice to have you here in the Community, .... You may need to remove/delete and re-invite the accountant user, so your accountant will be able to access your account.

  • Is there a way to group vendors so when you run a report only the vendors in the group will appear?

    From the answer: No there is not, nor is there any sub vendors   A really clutsy work around, and I would not use it, but for discussions sake, QB lists alphabetically, so ...   1.

  • Unable to pay contractor thru QB payroll

    From the answer: Good day, ,   Are you getting an error message when paying vendors through Direct Deposit (DD)?... If so, I'd appreciate if you can attach screenshots so I have a better picture of the issue.


    From the answer: Glad to see you here in the Community,  user7703141426 .... I can help you with updating your billing cycle.

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