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  • accounts receivable invoice report

    From the answer: Hello there, @ kmdeland ,   Let's run the A/R Aging Summary report and filter it to show billed invoices by month.

  • Profit and loss reports showing ALL accounts

    From the answer: I’m happy to see you in the Intuit Community, jljent.... Thank you for sharing to us the steps you’ve performed to get the data you need.

  • Is there a way to add "reconcile" to icon bar

    From the answer: Glad to have you here in the Community, .... Let's first open the Reconcile window so you can add it to your  icon bar .

  • liability payment

    From the answer: Hi there, @ EMP2 ,   Let's get rid of the unpaid taxes by recording your state and country liability payments in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Employee used a business credit card for an expense that should have been covered by payroll deduction.

    From the answer: Thanks again HoneyLynn_G, I had forgotten about Payroll Expense account.... Things should be fine now!

  • Calculate 30% down

    From the answer: Hello ChefAlsGal!... Yes, this can be achieved through progress invoicing.... You'll want to create an estimate for 100% of the job.

  • Scheduled Payroll dates not updating

    From the answer: This happens when, at the end of paying employees, the option to advance the schedule is not checked.

  • Transferring files to a new computer- but lost the one time password

    From the answer: Hello baugh13,   You can install QuickBooks on your new computer and restore your back up file.... This way, you won't be needing the one-time password.

  • Multicurrency Loans

    From the answer: You're right, E21J.... The Loan Manager won't work in your case since you don't know when exactly the company will repay the loan.

  • Error code TD500 'problem with your update'

    From the answer: Hello there,  exec-director .... I appreciate the detailed information and for sharing the steps you've taken so far.

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