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  • How can I delete historical payroll data I entered in for the wrong company?

    From the answer: At the bottom of each transaction, click on More > Delete.

  • some employees are paid daily others hourly, how do I set up both

    From the answer: Hello andypropes, Our system does not support a daily pay rate, however, you are able to use the hourly rate and treat it as a daily rate.

  • how to enter adjustment checks

    From the answer: It would depend on a few factors on how you can enter back dated paychecks.... Generally, you can just go to the Create Paychecks then change the Pay Date to what you want to enter.

  • how do we produce a Cumulative Payroll Details reports on the new QB online????

    From the answer: I'm pretty sure based on other posts that such a report does not exist in QB Online.

  • how do i record a payroll advance?

    From the answer: Set up an asset account called Payroll Advance or Employee Receivable.... When you write the advance check debit the new account an credit Cash.

  • enter payroll tax payment

    From the answer: I go to "Write Checks" , I skip the name and go right to the Expense tab, I scroll down to the tax liability, click on that, and a box will pop up asking if I wish to pay liabilities, I click yes, I enter in the date range of the liability I am payin

  • Paid employee incorrect hours

    From the answer: Hello DebbieGrandee, You are in luck as there are a few options you do have to ensure the employee receives the additional 8 hours from within QuickBooks Online Payroll.

  • unpaid time off for salary employee

    From the answer: Assuming you pay weekly, divide their weekly gross salary amount by the number of days usually worked, then multiply that figure by the number of days for which they are going to be paid.

  • We run payroll bi-weekly. Do I enter each week individually or combine the weeks?

    From the answer: It's nice to see your post today,  terrie .... Adding a line for each week entered when running a bi-weekly scheduled payroll is currently not available in QuickBooks Online.

  • Turned on timesheet trial, but this is of no use as it can’t track time by project. How do we cancel the trial?

    From the answer: Hi Jay, Timesheet in QuickBooks Online is part of the subscription.... There's no option to cancel it.... If you'd like to learn more about it, please refer to this article: .

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