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  • Revaluation of balance sheet item in foreign currency using closing rate?

    From the answer: Hi, In order to revalue or make changes to the currency, you may refer to the steps below; - click on the gear icon - click on the currency centre - select the currency > hover on the currency where you see a drop down arrow > you may click on the cu

  • For the last period, which is already filed, I recorded two VAT payments through journal entries (VAT suspense). Now, they are not shown up as payments in my tax report!

    From the answer: Hello  Dhelksa , Let's go to your taxes page and get this fixed.... Clicking the record VAT payment in QuickBooks Online (QBO) the system will automatically create and post the journal entry for you.

  • how to get bill that we paid subscription fee

    From the answer: Thanks for posting in the Intuit Community, kelly, You can access and manage all your product and services using the Customer Account Management Portal Site ( CAMPS ).

  • Products / Services

    From the answer: o change which account a  Product/Service  item is associated with on the  Chart of Accounts : Choose  Customers  and then  Products and Services List.

  • I have a UAE quickbooks and want to upgrade to Accountant level?

    From the answer: Hi  susanoh , An accountant is an additional feature of QuickBooks Online.... However, in the meantime accountant wasn't offered in the United Arab Emirates.

  • select multiple transactions in transaction report

    From the answer: Hi  felician , Currently, QuickBooks Online users are not able to edit uncategorized transactions in batch within the vendor report.

  • Why can't we lodge an IAS prior to the end of the period?

    From the answer: Thanks for sharing on-point details about your IAS lodging concern,  georgia .... QuickBooks Online (QBO) is currently designed to prevent lodgment of tax returns, including IAS, before the actual end of the period.

  • How to search for an amount in the Banking "for Review" tab . I am on a Mac computer

    From the answer: It’s great to see you here in the Community,  vineyandson .... This time, there is no built-in facility to search in the For Review tab.

  • How do I prepare BAS when last date is several quarters ago?

    From the answer: Hello  sandrad43 , I’m here to help you prepare and lodge your BAS in QuickBooks Online (QBO).... To be able to prepare BAS, you’ll have to record transactions in QBO with tax codes for the period you want to lodge BAS.

  • Why can't I change my Customers Opening Balance

    From the answer: Thanks for taking the time to post here in the Community,  user25147 .... I’ll help share some steps so you’ll be able to update the customer’s opening balance.

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