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  • what is error 55 what should I do

    From the answer: Hi  divinefinishing , Let me help you fix this error so you can get back to business.... You can open a private browser if you're trying to access the QuickBooks Online (QBO) website.

  • Service invoice is sorting by Product/Service instead of # field, how do I fix the sorting when printing invoices?

    From the answer: Hi LDC Aust,   I would check if the service invoice lines are dated in chronological order or not.... QuickBooks Online prioritises the service date over # field when sorting line items in an invoice.

  • Is there a way to add Custom Field to a Customer?

    From the answer: In Quickbooks Online - if you're not in QBO & in Desktop instead (these questions use to show what question was related to but don't see it here), there is a way to add a custom field to customer.

  • Best credit card payment gateway?

    From the answer: Have you tried Intuit payment option?... The fees are similar to others.... It integrates well with QBO and desktop.

  • Photo uploaded receipts/invoices

    From the answer: Hello, Bennos .... There’s no need to collect all of these paper receipts.... One of the receipt scanner’s main usage is to keep you from the frustration of lost and damaged paper receipts.

  • Creating a Tax Invoice.

    From the answer: Hi JayNine,    Thank you for reaching out on this.... You can change the Sales form name from "Invoice" to "Tax Invoice".

  • Why am i getting charged for mileage tracking

    From the answer: Mileage tracking is part of the QBSE subscription,  Aliyah .... Another account might have been created when you downloaded the mobile app.

  • Turning off GST in Self Employed

    From the answer: Hello there, mh1972,   Turning off GST in QuickBooks Self-Employed is easy.... You can do it with three steps, here's how:   Click the Gear icon.

  • How can I request a call back

    From the answer: I can help you manage and add different types of users in your QuickBooks Online account,  j.louie .... These are the user types and permissions in QuickBooks Online: Master admin Company admin Accountant/Accounting firms Standard user Reports only Time

  • where is the option for $2.99 per month

    From the answer: Hello there, @useforsamuel .... Subscription discounts may be availed when you subscribed right away after you sign up.

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