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  • Is there a way to add Custom Field to a Customer?

    From the answer: In Quickbooks Online - if you're not in QBO & in Desktop instead (these questions use to show what question was related to but don't see it here), there is a way to add a custom field to customer.

  • Photo uploaded receipts/invoices

    From the answer: Hello, Bennos .... There’s no need to collect all of these paper receipts.... One of the receipt scanner’s main usage is to keep you from the frustration of lost and damaged paper receipts.

  • Tracking of Projects

    From the answer: Hi Happy Girl, If I read you correctly - basically you want to see the Gross Profit Margin of each of your Jobs.

  • Best credit card payment gateway?

    From the answer: Have you tried Intuit payment option?... The fees are similar to others.... It integrates well with QBO and desktop.

  • Data Migration from MYOB Acccountright 2018.3

    Hello,   We are a small trader currently using MYOB Accountright and looking to migrate to Quickbooks.   A...

  • Turning on estimates

    Attempting to create a quote in Quickbooks (trail version).   The option to create a quote is not shown...

  • Service invoice is sorting by Product/Service instead of # field, how do I fix the sorting when printing invoices?

    From the answer: Hi LDC Aust,   I would check if the service invoice lines are dated in chronological order or not.... QuickBooks Online prioritises the service date over # field when sorting line items in an invoice.

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