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  • cant setup logo

    From the answer: Hi there,  izapcan .... For the best result of uploading a logo in your QuickBooks account, it should have the following requirements: Have a file name that ends with .gif,

  • How do I delete/void a payroll liability which remains listed as a "liablity past due" when it has been paid previously?

    From the answer: Go to Help on the navigation bar, from the dropdown choose About QB 2.  Control,Alt Y, 3.  Click 'next' 4 times, 4.  Click create payments, 5.  If a payment is showing, click next to get blank screen for Taxes & Liabilities, 6.  Choose applicable tax

  • how to get bill that we paid subscription fee

    From the answer: Thanks for posting in the Intuit Community, kelly, You can access and manage all your product and services using the Customer Account Management Portal Site ( CAMPS ).

  • Accountant wants cash basis with no A/R - possible in QB?

    From the answer: LOL! Case of CPA doesn't want to understand or deal with cash basis balance sheet problems so they want you to avoid it all together.

  • IN: How do I create a quote?

    From the answer: Hi  80patsam , In QuickBooks, we have an option of 'Estimates' to create a 'Quote'.... Please follow below steps to crate a Quote.

  • select multiple transactions in transaction report

    From the answer: Hi  felician , Currently, QuickBooks Online users are not able to edit uncategorized transactions in batch within the vendor report.

  • I have a UAE quickbooks and want to upgrade to Accountant level?

    From the answer: Hi  susanoh , An accountant is an additional feature of QuickBooks Online.... However, in the meantime accountant wasn't offered in the United Arab Emirates.

  • What is the best way to record interest income?

    From the answer: There are several ways to do this, using the 'Make Deposits' function would be the best alternative, otherwise entering via journal entry would also be acceptable ( Sales Receipt will also work if off-set direct to bank, or to 'Undeposited Funds' if

  • Is Quickbooks Online down right now?

    From the answer: Same here...  Looks like Intuit decided to crash / upgrade during business hours.... Here in the US it is 10:00 , since before 8am it has been down....

  • How do I record a refund to a customer?

    From the answer: You may give a refund or a credit to a customer by: clicking the customer tab The more drop down, then select Refund or Credit Select Refund fro the first question: "Are you giving a refund or credit?"

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