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  • how to delete a credit card payment option from the payment options list

    From the answer: Hi, .... It's nice to have you in the Community.... Let me help delete a credit card from the payment options list.

  • Our bank overcharged our account and extra service fee last month, now they are showing it as a deposit on our bank statement. How do I put that into Quickbooks?

    From the answer: Hi  BettyJo1 ,   Thanks for reaching out.... You can record the overcharge amount by creating a deposit in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Emailing Multiple invoices

    From the answer: Hi jandhcody,   Let's make sure that the Email Later box is checked on the invoices you want to email.

  • need to add an amex to customer form of payment

    From the answer: Hello jorgearias, We will get your QuickBooks updated to its latest release .... This will fix any issues that hinders you from entering the customer payment information.

  • How do i reissue a employees check that was lost in the mail form 2 weeks ago

    From the answer: Hi, TimReece.... Since these paychecks were never cash out, you can void and recreate them in QuickBooks.


    From the answer: From your template selection dropdown select edit current template, once in layout designer select  the fields icon at the top left, from the header tab confirm that print is checked at invoice number.

  • How to handle reimbursement payments for outside work?

    From the answer: As you said you can post the cost to a COGS account and include it as income when invoiced and the two will wash out so no additional income will hit the bottom line.

  • missing names on reports for donors

    From the answer: Thanks for joining the community, @ pottersw ,   I am here to help you add your customer's first and last names on your  Donors  report.

  • calculating sales rep commissions in Desktop Pro 2019

    From the answer: Hello there, .... I thank you for sharing the steps you've perform to generate the report that you need.... Currently, the ability to automatically calculate the sales rep commission is not yet available.

  • Same Vendor Different business lines

    From the answer: Hi again, .... I just wanted to let you know that I responded to your other post.... In order to keep the conversation streamlined and provide you with the best resolution, I'll ask that you post any follow-ups there.

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