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  • edit template labels

    From the answer: Hi there, Mike_MHP.... You can delete the "past due" text through the Layout Designer option.... Let me show you how:  Double click on the Statement template to edit and click Additional Customization .

  • Payroll deduction for excess time off

    From the answer: Greetings, .... Let me be the first to welcome you to the Community.... You can create a deduction item and add it to your employees’ paychecks to reduce their pay.

  • Item number not showing for grouped items on invoice

    From the answer: Hi there,  JessicaStratton .... I appreciate the detailed information.... It could be that your client is recording a reimbursement expense billable to a customer.

  • Customer types

    From the answer: Hi there, !... You can select a customer type from the Additional Info tab of your customer's information.

  • how do you refund a downpaymnt to customer note we don't use QB Credit Card service

    From the answer: Thank you for the response, !... You can write a check from your accounts receivable so you can give a refund to your customer.

  • Unable to preview and print invoices

    From the answer: Hello esurmen,   Welcome to the Community.... I can help you print invoices in QuickBooks Desktop.... First, let's make sure you have the latest release to ensure all necessary updates are on the program.

  • Sales Tax Penalty and Interest

    From the answer: Thanks for joining the Intuit Community,karib1.... Creating a sales tax adjustment can help keep your record in order.

  • QB Enterprise roadmap - new features / webcasts?

    From the answer: Thanks for clarifying that out for me,  .... Allow me to provide some more insights on where you can see news and updates about developments on our platform and stay up-to-date with the latest events, meetups, and releases.

  • Error Code 350

    From the answer: To Verify and Rebuild Data: Choose Window > Close All.... Verify Data.... Choose File > Utilities > Verify Data.

  • How do I account for this transaction?

    From the answer: You can make this very complicated or very easy depending on the route you want to go.... If you receive the payment ahead of delivery of the order, then technically it is a liability to customer deposits.

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