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  • how do i change my vat number

    From the answer: Hi jinks4455!... Great question!... Click on VAT on the left then Rates and Settings.... Click on VAT Settings where you can change your account number and/or filing frequency.

  • How to charge a credit card?

    From the answer: HI Madbeats12,  Good question!... When your customer sends you their credit card information, you can receive payment (plus sign and receive payment), enter your customer's name, and select the payment type (visa, m/c, amex) and right below the payment m

  • how to import neat desk

    From the answer: Hi johnchurch2013,  There are some limitations with the type of information you can import into QuickBooks Online.

  • How do I post this bill to a job

    From the answer: Hi ding-dangly!... That will depend on how you've setup your jobs in QuickBooks Online.... We don't have job costing - so the workaround is to either track the job by sub-customer OR use Class Tracking.

  • How do I input a credit card payment?

    From the answer: Are you trying to simply input that a payment was taken with a credit card and apply it to an invoice/sales receipt, or are you actually asking how you process a payment within QuickBooks?

  • Using time tracking to classify expenses

    From the answer: To be compliant with FAR and pass DCAA audits, there are several requirements starting with each employee completing time sheets daily.

  • can you reorder the chart of accounts

    From the answer: The Chart of Accounts normally shows in numerical order, assuming you have account numbers.... I believe it shows alphabetical if you do not (which is usually only done by very small companies).

  • How do I change currency of customer?

    From the answer: Hello dhanajaygoel123!... I worked a couple of scenarios in my Quickbooks Online account here and unfortunately it does not look like you can change the currency that a customer pays you in once you have saved their profile.

  • How can I make a recurring ACH payment?

    From the answer: Hey there, Erik!... I jumped over to this question because I used to work in the Payments department, so it's a little close to my heart :) Right now, QuickBooks Online isn't able to do recurring ACH transactions.

  • Where is the personal calendar in the quickbooks online version 2014? please and thank you.

    From the answer: do you mean the time sheet entries if so click the plus sign top center and the time sheet is there Other than that I can not find a calendar in the new QBO

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