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  • Why doesn't the next check number I use show up correctly when I saved my work? Also, can you add ACH to dropdown list when making or adding a form of payment?

    From the answer: Hi ,   I'm here to share my thoughts and explain why you're seeing a different text on your check number field.

  • How to I enter fixed assets into a budget? It appears that it is only possible to create a P&L.

    From the answer: Hi Shiella,   Thank you for your response.... It is very disappointing to hear that QB Budgeting doesn't include fixed assets - budgeting without consideration for planned fixed asset purchases would not be a wise practice for my business, so this makes

  • How to print payroll check

    From the answer: To print, follow these steps: Select Workers from the left menu > Employees.... Select Paycheck List under Run payroll.

  • How do I correct liability payments made in write checks instead of pay liabilities in on line version?

    From the answer: I'm glad you reached out to us, paula15.... It's my pleasure to help correct your liability payments that are showing as unpaid in QuickBooks Online (QBO).

  • Get a call back

    From the answer: Thanks for posting in the Community, .... I'd be happy to assist you with a callback.... Here's how you can request a callback   from within QuickBooks Online (QBO):   Click the  Help icon  in the upper right of the screen.

  • How do I change User Type if no drop down menu appears?

    From the answer: Good afternoon, ck12.... You've come to the right place for assistance with QuickBooks.... I'd be glad to help you with changing the type for one of the users.

  • How do I make the smart vault icon go away?

    From the answer: Hello there,  tmrbluevistaent .... Let me make sure you are routed to the right support that can help you remove the smart vault option in your QuickBooks Online (QBO).

  • Need help subscribing

    From the answer: Hello again, .... I'm here to lend a hand with subscribing to your account.... Just to clarify, are you receiving an error when trying to subscribe?

  • Why does my Profit & Loss figures cut off on the right margin on Landscape?

    From the answer: Hello Laurie,   When you print reports, it always depends on the browser's Print Settings.... Though we can change Orientation in the Report print settings (QBO), we still need to ensure you're using the correct Paper Size or Scale.

  • dashboard disappear in IE

    From the answer: Hello ,   Thank you for bringing this to our attention.... I’ll let our engineers know about this concern.

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