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  • Vendor credit incorrectly applied in Quickbooks Pro 2019

    From the answer: Hi there, .... I understand the feeling to accidentally apply a credit to a wrong vendor invoice.... Rest assured, I'm here to help you removed the credit from the wrong bill and get you back on the right track.

  • How to treat an exempt employee from an hours perspective?

    From the answer: I thank you for the complete details about your concern, .... Determining the pay type of your employees depends on your business.

  • check has cleared and it's still in checks to be printed

    From the answer: Make sure you did not enter it twice.... Chances are the check printed and you may have checked it to be reprinted because of a printer error.

  • apple credit card tansaction import

    From the answer: Hi there, arcadia217.... You can import the Apple Credit Card transactions using WebConnect.... From your financial institution, please secure a copy of your bank transactions in a .QBO file from your financial institution (Apple).

  • i mistakenly submitted payroll twice (duplicate) do I delete so that employees do not receive 2 pay checks

    From the answer: Hi there, k9docs.... You can void a Direct Deposit  but it must be done before 5:00 PM Pacific Time, and 2-banking days before the paycheck date.

  • Activation Code for QB 2020 Help

    From the answer: Let me welcome you to the Intuit Community, Trainman2449.... Generating an activation code requires account verification and checking of license information.

  • Problems with exporting to Excel

    From the answer: Thanks for bringing this exporting error to my attention, .... Exporting your payroll reports  is my priority.

  • payroll tax forms

    From the answer: Hello ,   Currently, we have an on-going issue where users like you aren't seeing any amounts on the boxes of your 941 form.

  • billback

    From the answer: It's nice to see you, !... You have to option to delete and recreate your bills and payments so you can record them to the correct company.

  • Accounts Payable Used for Vendors - 1099 Issue?

    Hi,   I've been paying vendors by recording an A/P and writing checks with the other side of the entry...

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