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  • I have QB, POS Desktop Basic Level 12.0 . I am trying to edit GROUP items. When i click on edit nothing happens. ALSO, Will not let me create new GROUP items

    From the answer: Good day,  mike .... Thank you for reaching out to us.... I'm here to make sure you're able to edit group items in QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale (POS).

  • Setting up multiple payment terms in an invoice.

    From the answer: Hello Megan-Payorcrm,   The only way you could do something like that would be to break each amount into it's own invoice.

  • Purchase orders and sales orders

    From the answer: @Lorett   Sales Orders - tells me you are using desktop, assuming that to be true When you close the books, set a password to prevent edits, there is a check mark box to allow edits for non posting transactions, PO's, SO's, Estimates.

  • Matching multiple bank deposits to one invoice

    From the answer: Hey there TopDog2018,   I appreciate you reaching out to us here in the Community.... I'm glad to lend a hand with matching multiple deposits to one invoice.

  • How to carry over a previous P&L balance

    From the answer: Are you starting a new data file?... Typically when you and one company file in an old program and moved to a new one, it?s

  • My revenue isn't showing in profit and loss

    From the answer: Welcome back to the Community, ,   Allow me to step in an add a few more information to help you with the missing transaction on your Profit and Loss report.

  • How to change logo of currency

    From the answer: Hi Pooldeife,    Let's work together to make sure the currency is being displayed properly.... In QuickBooks Online, the amount of a transaction or balance is shown by the symbol of that currency.

  • How to record daily sales from Cash Register

    From the answer: Sales tax you collect is a liability.... That's a -74 (credit) to "sales tax payable" or similar to make the transaction balance.

  • QB 2016 - align checks

    From the answer: print a check on blank paper.... overlay the check onto the printed blank.

  • Accountant wants cash basis with no A/R - possible in QB?

    From the answer: LOL! Case of CPA doesn't want to understand or deal with cash basis balance sheet problems so they want you to avoid it all together.

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