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  • How do i post a credit from a vendor for a specific customer of mine?

    From the answer: You never use a JE when Names are involved.... A Vendor Credit is an Enter Bill, changing it to Credit/Return.

  • Online Banking Setup Giving Connection Error (General Error)

    From the answer: Bank of America requires you to do something on their web site I believe.... Go there in Safari, log in, and scan the messages to see what they recommend.

  • I recently updated my Quickbooks 2016 for Mac and it will no longer allow me to keep multiple registers open. help!!!

    From the answer: Are they open in tabs in the window?... That's the default behavior.... You can turn tabbing off in QuickBooks->Preferences under tabs.

  • How to record Shopify Transfer Deposits?

    From the answer: I went ahead and created Shopify as a customer, made a sales receipt and recorded the transaction to undeposited funds then went ahead and made the deposit from the undeposited funds.

  • Keep getting the Error "QuickBooks can not open this company file because it was created with an incompatible version."

    From the answer: We can manually update your QuickBooks to get this fixed, dankidwell.... You'll need to uninstall and reinstall it.

  • Cannot send invoices with gmail

    From the answer: For 2015 you have to rely on the Apple Script bridge.... QuickBooks Mac can talk to Apple Mail via this bridge.

  • How do I run a report to see what customer is under the Time/Costs?

    From the answer: Company>transaction center, at the left under customers select income tracker, now select the unbilled time and cost tab.

  • sort by state

    From the answer: Hello there,  crat .... It's nice to have you here in the Community.... It's my pleasure to assist you today.

  • QB for MAC 2019 sharing with accountant

    From the answer: Hi there, Elliot.... You might want to use the Desktop file.... Your QBB file might have some information that is not in your QBO file such as reconciliation reports, audit trail, and recurring credit card charges.

  • Deleting after upgrading

    From the answer: Yes.... Though I tend to make a backup of them, just in case.... If you have multiple copies of the same company file (recorded at different dates for instance) then you may only want to keep the most recent one.

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