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  • Where the heck did this Bank Balance come from???

    From the answer: Hello According to your screenshot, that online balance was last updated back in March so it's not accurate anymore.

  • Reinstall quickbooks

    From the answer: Hello Aspen Creative,   You'll want to download the software and restore your back up company files.... Let me help you with the steps so you'll get started.

  • Hard Drive Failure

    From the answer: As recent as 2017?... You do not need to wait for anything.... Download a fresh install from your intuit account at

  • Multi-User Mode and Secondary Company

    From the answer: hi @ Amecpa , Yes you can have more than one company file to be open by your user.... Say you have 2 company files and 5 users using Premier edition.

  • work order

    From the answer: Hi there, safeguardpc1.... For now, creating a work order in QuickBooks is unavailable.... You might want to use estimates instead as a workaround.

  • Change title on client file

    From the answer: What specific title are you trying to change on the client's file, ceemorr1?... If you want to change the display name of your client's company in your Clients List , here's how to do it: Click Clients on the left menu.

  • Hi, How can I bill a customer and then settle the AR

    From the answer: Hello there, carolhmn, You'll want to create an invoice to bill your customer.... Then, receive payment to settle A/R.

  • Is there a way to add a "size" column to my inventory?

    From the answer: Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, Tiffany.... Currently, we don't have an option to add sizes to your product and service items.

  • Can I use multiple sub-accounts in a single sales receipt?

    From the answer: Hello there, musicanovaaz.... In the sales receipt, you use the products/services to record income.... When you set up a product/service, you’ll need to select the account where they will be posted.

  • How do I print a list of all the invoices created this year? QB seems to want to print only the invoices visible on the screen.

    From the answer: Let's get the list of all invoices you want to print, trinidadlockandk.... You'll want to run the Invoice List report and select the correct report period.

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