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  • Check for duplicate transactions

    From the article: QuickBooks experienced a delay downloading your bank transactions between 23 March to 17 April.... All transactions are now up to date in your QuickBooks company.

  • Undeposited funds balance in bank deposits does not match chart of accounts after importing from QuickBooks Desktop

    From the article: Undeposited funds can show a different balance in bank deposits than whats displayed in the Chart of Accounts.

  • How do I record the withholding tax in QuickBooks Online?

    From the article: To record the withholding tax reduction in the invoice amount payable, you can create a credit note with an item that is mapped to a Tax Expense account.

  • In quickbooks online, Is there a way to add digital sign on the invoices ?

    From the answer: No there is not gear>Your company>feedback to suggest an improvement or report a bug to the developers

  • fixed asset cost, shipping cost and custom clearance charges

    From the answer: @ george Create the fixed asset account for the machine in your chart of accounts enter each bill for that vendor, on the expense section of the bill select the fixed asset account, that will enter the bill and you use pay bills to pay the vendor and

  • Using Book-to-Tax Feature in QBOA

    From the answer: You probably need to try in Chrome.... And last I heard, there was a bug so that it would only work correctly if there were no prior year balances.

  • Where are instructions on doing bank recs?

    From the answer: Hey there, ant3log!... That name makes me hungry!... Too close to quittin' time to be thinking about raisins, peanut butter, and celery, LOL!

  • Help is there any way of getting back a deleted Supplier please

    From the answer: Hi alison!... Yes, it's really easy to get back a deleted Supplier, just click on: 1.   Suppliers  and on the right hand side, click on the Gear (see pic 1) 2.  Next click on the deleted Supplier and click on  Make Active See, that was EASY! Please let m

  • How do I match a credit and multiple invoices to a bank deposit download?

    From the answer: Great question Jarred!... You can do this through the use of Undeposited Funds.... Think of Undeposited Funds as the "old time" bank envelopes where you collected checks and cash throughout the day, zipped it and locked it, and took it to the bank to deposit

  • How do I print a memo on the check, not stub, of a bill payment check?

    From the answer: Hi Bbegley,  Good question!... Where are you entering the memo?... It should be on the check where you pay the bill... Have a good day!

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