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  • Remarks column

    From the answer: I'll show you different areas on the invoice that don't have character limits, Alicia 5699.... If you're using a custom field to enter your remarks, only 31 characters are allowed.

  • How do I take an expense and apply it to a customer? This would be the only way to see a net profit report

    From the answer: You can make the expense transaction billable to the customer, marissanldnr.... To do this, you'd have to activate the billable feature in your company settings first.

  • QBO ProAdvisor Certification

    From the answer: Hi there, 10240.... Thank you for posting here in the Community!... You should be able to access your badge on the available Certification page within 1 hour after you passed the certification exam.

  • I need to purchase checks

    From the answer: Ask and you shall receive, .... You can order checks to be used with all QuickBooks products from our guide on the matter at the link here .

  • Expenses in Projects

    From the answer: Hello there, ,   Thanks for your time checking this with us today.... I can help you record your projects in QuickBooks Online.

  • How to change Estimate number? I had Desktop Prop Plus 2019 and I switched to Quickbooks Online but for some reason didnt continue with the next number on the estimates.?

    From the answer: Welcome to the QuickBooks Online family, mcsinc2015.... Some information will not be converted when transferring from QuickBooks Desktop to the online version and estimate numbers is one of them.

  • Trying to erase old bank account expenses

    From the answer: We can delete the expense transactions through the bank account register, Carlos.... Here's how: Click Accounting on the left menu and select Chart of Accounts .

  • I need help with invoice

    From the answer: You've got it, .... I've got all the resources and knowledge you could ever ask for when it comes to Invoicing with QuickBooks Online.

  • I sell small-batch ice cream. Products are general categories, since flavors & costs vary per order. How do I increase COGS when I put in an invoice/sale?

    From the answer: The best thing you can do is just expense the purchases to COGS, and use a  service type item to make the sale.

  • Sales Tax in QBO

    From the answer: Thank you for utilizing the Sales Tax feature in QuickBooks Online, .... You'll only get the  "Another tax agency is already using this name.

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