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  • Check for duplicate transactions

    From the article: QuickBooks experienced a delay downloading your bank transactions between 23 March to 17 April.... All transactions are now up to date in your QuickBooks company.

  • This is a non-profit organization.

    From the answer: Hello  info , Thanks for reaching Intuit Community!... All versions of QuickBooks Desktop will be supported for three years.

  • All my transactions in QB online is showing up twice - double transactions - why and how do I stop it?

    From the answer: Hi sgp2013, When you debit the bank, what Account are you selecing?... If you are selecting the Bank Account in the From Account, you will see double transactions.

  • *:*Can you import Quicken records to Quickbooks online essentials?

    From the answer: You have to first convert the Quicken file to QuickBooks format, then through a QuickBooks Desktop program, convert the Desktop file to QBOE.

  • how to how accounts in chart of accounts

    From the answer: On QBO, you have to 'delete' the account.... Making it inactive is no longer an option online, as it is on the desktop version.

  • quickbooks online simple start general ledger

    From the answer: Hi jordan!... You're not going crazy, Simple Start doesn't have the general ledger report.... This report is available in the Essentials and Plus versions of QuickBooks Online.

  • add another company

    From the answer: Hey there, mmrteam!... Anyone ever tell you Mr. Team sounds like Mr. T? I pity da fool who don't use QuickBooks Online!

  • change the format for description

    From the answer: HI Allyhomecare,  If you are referring to the description in your invoices, you can can't necessarily change the width or size of the box, but you can type up to 4,000 characters within the box.

  • QuickBooks downloaded transactions have wrong transaction date

    From the answer: The data in the download is controled by the financial institution.... Which are you saying is correct your existing QB data or the download data?

  • Are there different voucher checks options?

    From the answer: Yes, that is correct.... Check format can not be customized.

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