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  • Don't know where a credit came from

    From the answer: Occasionally, I will have credits that I enter into the CC account for co-pays on our spay and neuter program that we offer the public.

  • Can I access customer technical support by phone on Sunday

  • I would like to see posted transactions to a vendor. What do I do to access that information?"

    From the answer: Click on the vendor name in the vendor center.... The transactions appear in the right lower pane.

  • Sharing qbw with Windows and Mac?

    From the answer: No, not practically.... It is possible to convert a Windows company file to Mac, and a Mac company file to Windows, but you lose data going both ways - so not a good idea in your case.

  • Create Paychecks

    From the answer: If you mean you bank routing and account numbers, QB won't do that.... Checks designed to work with QB already have these numbers on them.

  • Payroll checks not printing in desktop payroll

    From the answer: Pick the option at the beginning of the process to mark the check to be printed, instead of the hand-written check option.

  • How to record credit card payment manually?

    From the answer: Use the receive payments feature to record the payments.

  • My Sales Tax Items are not defaulting to the Sales Tax Payable

    From the answer: That means that account is internally marked as your special sales tax payable account.... Someone must have once renamed the account.

  • pay stub

    From the answer: Is falsifying your employees pay records in order to apply for a loan illegal?... Of course!... I think it's a felony to lie to a bank to get a loan.

  • Emailing

    From the answer: Hello SCSLLCMI,   For now, there's no option to add a separate page or letter when sending email in QuickBooks.

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