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  • QBOA & QBSE Integration HUB

    From the article: ◀ Go back to Accountant Help Hub FAQs QuickBooks Self-Employed was built specifically for Schedule C tax clients, so they can stay organized and on top of their business finances all year long.

  • Invite/remove an accountant in QuickBooks Self-Employed

    From the article: QuickBooks Self-Employed users can now invite an accountant to access their data via QuickBooks Online Accountant.

  • Terms of Service and License Agreements for QuickBooks, Payroll, the Intuit Website, and the ProAdvisor Program

    From the article: When you use our products, you accept a license agreement or a terms of service agreement that specifies how you may use the product and what your rights are as a customer.

  • QuickBooks Self-Employed overview for accountants

    From the article: Today, self-employed individuals struggle with tracking income and expenses associated with their work.

  • "Downgrade" to QuickBooks Self-Employed only

    From the article: We have a great Tax Bundle subscription that includes both QuickBooks Self-Employed and Turbo Tax Self-Employed for one subscription price.

  • How to Subscribe

    From the article: Welcome to QuickBooks Self-Employed! Here's how you subscribe: You should be prompted to resubscribe as soon as you sign in.

  • Choose the right version of QuickBooks

    From the article: Our product is for freelancers, independent contractors, home-based entrepreneurs, and consultants.... It's the right QuickBooks version for you if:  You use your bank  accounts  and credit cards for both business and personal spending.

  • How to resubscribe

    From the article: Need to resubscribe?... No problem!... We'd love to have you back.... You should be prompted to resubscribe as soon as you sign in.

  • Schedule C: Office Expenses

    From the article: These include the costs you’ve incurred during this tax year that were related only to your office space.

  • Transfers: Owner's Withdrawal

    From the article: Use this category for withdrawals from your self-employed finances for your own personal use.... In essence, this is paying yourself.

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