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  • Tax Profile in the mobile app

    From the article: Your self-employment tax is only based on your 1099 earnings.... However, your income tax is based on both your 1099 and W-2 earnings, so having both types may increase your income tax bracket.

  • Online payroll tax and form guide: Hub

    From the article: Please see the State and Federal Payroll Compliance Pages for full information on state and federal payroll tax regulations.

  • Handle an e-payment that has been rejected by the agency

    From the article: Problem The e-payment you have submitted in QuickBooks Desktop has been rejected by the agency.... Assumptions You have E-Pay set up in your QuickBooks Desktop and you just submitted an e-payment.

  • Have questions about account verification?

    From the article: For information about your confirmation code or your account verification, call: 855.582.7211... Mon-Fri, 6 am to 6 pm PT Note: If you have questions about your payroll product, go here for payroll contact phone numbers and support hours.

  • Cancel or change your subscription to an Intuit App Center application

    From the article: This article describes how to cancel or change your subscription to an online application from the Intuit App Center.

  • Bank Feeds Direct Connect FAQ in QuickBooks Self-Employed

    From the article: What's new about my bank connects?... What’s new about QuickBooks Self-Employed’s connection to my financial institution?

  • Transfers: Owner's Withdrawal

    From the article: Use this category for withdrawals from your self-employed finances for your own personal use.... In essence, this is paying yourself.

  • Square footage: Why it matters for your home office

    From the article: There are two ways to calculate a home office deduction, and both are based on square footage.... Be prepared to measure your space.

  • Update the Principal / Officer for your merchant account

    From the article: Has your non-profit organization/Business had a recent leadership change?... If so, you may need to update the Principal (responsible officer) for the entity's Intuit Payment Solutions merchant account.

  • Schedule C: Supplies

    From the article: These are the things you buy to sell or turn into something you sell.... It's the costs of raw materials, packaging, and shipping that ultimately become part of the products you sell or create.

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