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quickbooks enterprise 2014 "unable to add item to list"

When entering a Bill we have items where the price changes to us, when we click on the button to enter it we get "unable to add item to list" dialog box, clicking "OK" and the message goes away, but when we go to the item in the inventory the price of the item that we are charged does not update in the record, therefor effecting the COGS, this was not a problem in 2013 R10 but is now in 2014 R3.

QuickBooks Enterprise 2014 Retail R3


    Has anyone gotten an answer on this yet?  I just got around to upgrading to 14.0 and am having the same problem but can't seem to find an answer.

    • You are not alone I am having the same issue. We issue PO to vendors for items and when we reconcile the bill with the item receipt we get a error of Unable to add item to list. QB support have been less than helpful. Have you by change found a solution to this problem? Our QB's is completely a mess due to this issue.
    • I called support yesterday and got a workaround.  They know it is an issue with Enterprise 14.0.  The workaround involved changing the Preference to "Ask" each time whether you wanted the cost updated instead of having it automatically update the cost. (Preferences, Items & Inventory, Automatic Cost & Price Updates, If Item cost changes on a purchase "Ask about updating the cost item".)  The error message went away and average cost is updated, but it is a slight inconvenience to answer the question each time.  They told me they are working on the fix so we can change this option back to "automatically update the cost". By putting my e-mail address in the support window screen for this issue, I am supposed to be notified when the update will fix this.  Hope this will also help you in the interim.
    • I appreciate the help. This seems to be working on keeping our bills in balance so far. Only time will tell. Thank you again.

    Release 5 (R5) has been released for 14.0 as of 3/13/14 @ 9:00AM PST. The release notes advise fixes for multiple known issues, including "Unable to Add Item" error when editing the cost on an open bill while in multi user mode. Please download the latest update from the Support website and see if your issue is resolved.

    Release Notes website: http://support.quickbooks.intuit.com/support/Articles/INF24723

    Let me know if this works please!

    Hope this helps!
    Tiffany V.
    Certified QuickBooks User/Educator

    • So I have downloaded the above mentioned update and the problem still remains. We change the item price in the bill and manually update the pricing.  The bill is in balance once you save and close the bill. When I reopen the bill it reverts back to the original price, so the bill is out of balance. I am able to close the bill again out of balance. I trid to verify the data and it detects that the bill is out of balance. I have resorted all the list, saved a portable file and restored the company file from the portable file as I have been directed by QB Pro Advisor I have hired. Problem still remains

       My bills and bank are completely out of whack due to the fact that I have paid bills that were out of balance.  I have been trying to resolve this issue since September, 2013. I have detected this issue goes back as far as July 2013.  I cannot believe that I paying for a enterprise service and this is still a problem.
    • Did you update every computer or just yours?  If the bill is showing out of balance, you can manually try to fix the Transaction by Date Toggling.
      1. Go to the bill in question
      2. in the Date field, if it is 1/1/2013 change it to 20 years ahead (1/1/2033)
      3. Click Save
      4. Change the year back to 2013
      5. Save & Close.

      Let me know the results!
    • We have updated every computer. The problem seems to be in the item receipts. When enter bills against item receipts that were completed prior to the update the items in the bill do not hold their price. When we enter bills against item receipts inputted after the update the pricing holds with out having to date toggling. I will keep you posted if this continues. Now I just have to clean up the mess created through the past 6 to 8 months.
    unable to add item, are you creating a new item each time you order something where the purchase price changes?

    If so why?  are you changing the name of the item, QB will not allow two of the same names
    • When paying the bill we select the item from the item list in the items column and enter in the new price of that item, then when we click on save we get this error. In the past when we did this it would automatically update the item price in the item list to reflect the new cost to us.
    • wow, never heard of this one, and I honestly have no idea, but when push comes to shove, back up the file then use the main menu File>Utilities>Rebuild and Verify run it as many times as necessary (but at least 3 times) until it completes, then close QB and re-open it and see if it helped
    • Ok, so we backed up the database and then did a rebuild and verify, the verify came back clean with no errors.  I then had them try the process again and it did the same thing.  It will not update the item price in the item list.  I wish that Technical Support would monitor this better so we can get things fixed faster.  This was working fine until we upgraded to 2014 R3 from 2013 R10.  We have seen this error before in older versions and they fixed it, now it has returned..  :(
    • you have enterprise so you have the full service support plan, I would call them since no one else has chimed in and I have no further ideas.

      if you do get a solution please post it back here so we all can learn from it
    • Has this issue been addressed/fixed? I also have the same problem as the original poster. I have Ent 14.0 R3P and this error started with the last update. This effects me as prices on some items fluctuate and I rely on that item list for cost/price updates.

      In previous version you could simply enter a bill with items and as the cost changes it changes in the item list. I have verified that the options in the general preferences is set to update cost on purchases. I will try and rebuild/verify data but I feel there is an underlying problem and I am not prepared to troubleshoot with tech support...
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