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Is QB Pro 2014 compatible with Windows 8.1?

Does anyone know if QB Pro 2014 is officially compatible with Windows 8.1? I don't want to purchase the new version if it's not compatible yet...with that said, I'm running QB Pro 2013 with no problems on 8.1.
  • I am in a Computer Accounting class.  We will be getting the QuickBooks 2014 edition.  Will that be Windows 8.1 compatible?
  • Hi. Intuit Support advisors on this forum keep saying it is Ok but QuickBooks do not seem to be officially saying it is compatible, so until they do I am not going to risk upgrading my system to 8.1.
  • No it is not compatible. A patch is imminent though. Outlook is not available on the preferences tab, so you cannot send invoices to your customers using Outlook 2013.
  • I am running Windows 8.1 and QB14 Premier Edition. I have to go back to QB Pro 2013 and Office 2007 which work perfectly with Win 8.1 until the patches fix this issue.
  • When are they going to fix this problem?  Old computer done in, so now on Windows 8.1, using Outlook 2013 and Quickbooks Premier 2014.  I have done all the steps to configure Outlook and still it is not an option on QB preference tab.  This is a HUGE problem and Intuit needs to fix this issue ASAP.
  • Don't buy the latest version of Windows ever. Always copy what the big corporates do- that way we will avoid being their free R&D facilities at our expense. It does not work -Win 8.1 with QB14

Hi to all,

I would concur on what JustinG said. 

QuickBooks 2014 is well matched with Windows 8 when we tested it on that platform. Since Microsoft Windows has the recent updates (from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1)  changes have to be examined and reviewed. 

The said updates were sent out after we released QuickBooks 2014 and because of this - most customers have been affected, so as with the program as a whole.

Most of these issues have been reported and we are working to address all.

  • I am not clear as to what issues you mean. The bottom line is - is it safe for me to upgrade from Windows 8 to 8.1? I believe the upgrade is not reversible.
  • Dont do it until the fixes are ready!!!!

    I am running qb pro 14 with the 8.1 upgrade. It is a train wreck. I have to restart the entire system at least 4 times a day just to un lock my computer. I am not able to add time costs to invoices, sometimes putting timesheets in causes it to lock up. sometimes it will not print or send anything to email, and sometimes it simply refuses to open. I don't know what Windows did, but it isn't worth the trouble.

    Changes to reports (refreshing for even date changes) remind me of the old days with dial up internet. Click refresh then go make lunch while the page changes.
  • I want to pull out my hair..... it is so wrong of these big companies paralysing our business's. I guess we should follow the big corporates and hold back...... but they force us with the hardware changes in my country. You have to buy the new operating system (in this case windows 8.1) when you buy a new PC and from there we are forced into being their R&D slaves.
QB pro 2014 is compatible with Windows 8.1 for more info check here http://support.quickbooks.intuit.com/support/Articles/INF24382
  • So is QB Pro 2013 compatible with Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 R2? The link you provide only shows Windows 8, not 8.1, which is all that 2013 shows as well.
  • I purchased QBPro 2014 and it won't install. I'm using Windows 8.1.  While attempting to install it uninstalled my QB 2011, so now I have nothing.
  • I checked this article re QuickBooks Pro 2014 and it does not mention  8.1
  • I have QuickBooks ProPlus 2014, worked with Windows 8, but now that I have upgraded to Windows 8.1 it does not open properly and will not install portable back-ups - help, struggling!
  • QB Pro 2014 installed on my Win 8.1, but it has strange issues. Data disappears.  Randomly QB states it has to restart.When I exit QB, the process doesn't end.  This is bad!
  • I looked at this site too, and there is a problem with the communication between qb pro 14 and windows 8.1 regardless of what it says. I have never had a problem at all, now one of my qb files has completely disappeared. not to mention the problems I noted earlier on our office qb
  • I'm concerned I'm having some of the same problems mentioned.  It shuts down unexpectedly several times throughout the day & I either lost a week's timesheet entries because it quit before it was saved or it just disappeared. I am not sure which.  Didn't have these problems until I moved it over to a new computer running windows 8.1

 I run QuickBooks Pro 2008 on a small network of 2 computers Windows running 8.1.  Other than not creating .pdf files I have no problems. It does make back ups.  It will display a message saying 'Verifying data integrity' and then a message saying - Not responding.  However, it is backing up the files and gives a progress report as it finishes.


    That's great- but not compatible with Office 2013- so How for the life of Pete do we send invoices with Outlook then.

    • I send invoices out of QB 2014 on a Windows 8.1 maching with Office 2013...don't know why you're having problems but it works fine.
    • You aren't crazy, one day my qb wouldn't even communicate with outlook. The next day it would but wouldn't print. This is extremely frustrating.
    • I have been told to un-install Office 13 and re-install Office 2007..... which is concerning.... as QB 14 doesn't display the option under preferences Forms tab to select Outlook in order to send invoices. Why would it be there by uninstalling Office 13 and replacing it with Office 2007...........I believe it to be Windows 8.1 as the problem. So do not waste our time until Microsoft have sorted out their issues and compatibility with QuickBooks 14.
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