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Viewmypaycheck online upload and log in is broken. Who knows when it will be fixed? It said: Server is not connected.
  • It looks like people were having this problem yesterday (Monday, 10.28.13) also, so when is someone from Intuit going to answer the question: When will it be back online?  We have 5 people following this post and others following the one from yesterday.  I recognize I am a novice to using the community, but I would think Intuit would monitor from time to time or post something on the website to keep us informed.  Is that asking too much or am I missing something?
I just did a chat with a service rep. They are aware of the problem and they are working on it. She said she would contact someone in the Community department to post a notice stating basically what I am letting you know.  I did not get any indication as to when it would be operational, but at least they are working on it.  I am suppose to be called when it is online again and if I do, I will write then. 
  • I printed all paper pay stub's for the employees today. It is a lot work to send them to each employees. Thanks for your reply.
  • Thanks so much for checking with them and responding here.  I'll wait until tomorrow to print/email paystubs just in case they fix it today or tomorrow :)
  • Let's hope they do as I am waiting also.....  :-)
  • Thanks for the update, I had called but couldn't stay of the line for the 20 minute projected wait.  I had received a pop-up warning that we needed to start using the View My Paycheck 2, and as soon as I hit the button it stopped working.
  • me too
  • It's working now.  Just transmitted one.  Two more to go :)
  • Me too.
  • Thanks for letting us know--I just transmitted too and it worked fine.  Intuit actually did call me, but I was not here and just picked up the voicemail now.  I have to say, I am surprised that they called, but I think it is good they did.   The funny part of her message was she said "our system is already up and running again" as if it wasn't down very long!!!!   She left the message at 12:16PM EST, which puts us at about 24 hours.
And yet, over 1 month later, I still cannot upload paystubs. Is anyone else still having this issue?
  • I can upload paycheck/paystubs. There is no way to see this as an administrator.

    Have your run payroll and had QuickBooks appear to be OK afterwards? But then cannot see paychecks? Are you going to the "correct" site https://paychecks.intuit.com rather than the "old" https://viewmypaycheck.intuit.com?  If you have a NON-ADMINISTRATOR account, you should be able to see the paycheck for the signing in user. I use a company e-mail address to view the "user" account, and my gmail account as administrator.

    Now if you don't have an account already, I don't know how you create and approve a new one without the administrator function...

    Gotta say that the roll-out of this "improvement" has been less than stellar.
  • Oh they rolled it out in their typical fashion and that is not fully tested!!!  I am so done with this situation it has been moths and then they send us to a link that tells us nothing we don't already know...Grrrrr!!!!
Hey guys, here is a link to a support article that you can subscribe to get updates on this issue http://support.quickbooks.intuit.com/support/Articles/SLN77126
  • This implies the problem is happening again currently as it was ultimately fixed last week.  I did follow the link and I am glad that it says it will not impact the employee's ability to sign on however; if we can't upload their paystubs, all they will see are their old ones.  I appreciate you sending this and I will sign up to receive the updates.  It is also nice to hear from an Intuit representative, albeit 7 days later--:-) Di
  • bookemdi while our engineers are still working on the Admin dashboard, there should be no issues uploading new paychecks or for employees to see those checks.
  • Oh, Ok--That was the original problem we wrote about and I was following, which was none of us could upload the pay stubs so I assumed that was the issue you were referencing---I'm good -- understand.
  • Actually, when I tried to upload to View My Paycheck this morning, QB sends a $0.00 Payroll Confirmation back to me and the paystubs are not sent to the employees. Help!!!
  • I haven't been able to upload paystubs for going on a month now.  I have called customer service 3x and each time I am told "our engineers are aware of the problem and working on the issue, would you like me to contact you when it is fixed?".  What would be nice is not a call when it is fixed but a real ETA on the fix.  This kind of thing does not inspire employee confidence in their employer when you can't provide paystubs the way they have become accustomed to over the last couple of years.  

    @Intuit_Justin: can Intuit give any real time frame for when we will be able to upload paystubs again?
  • I did upload the pay stubs today. It works. Something is wrong with your connection??
  • This article doesn't begin to answer the questions.
  • What is the status on this and when is the Administrator Dashboard going to work, if ever????  I am sick of getting this message when I try to sign on....What is being done????!!!!

    ViewMyPaycheck Administrator,

    We’re sorry--the ViewMyPaycheck Administrator dashboard is currently unavailable due to maintenance. While we work to restore full dashboard access, you can still upload your paychecks from QuickBooks and your employees can still view them at http://paychecks.intuit.com. We will update this page as soon as possible to let you know when the maintenance will be completed.

    If you need additional assistance, please click Support in the upper-right corner of the window and click the chat button to reach our support team.

    Thanks for your patience.
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