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The barcode scanner works with Item List, but not Make a Sale

The barcode scanner can be used to find an Item when searching in the Item List view but the same item cannot be found when using the barcode scanner searching in the Make a Sale view.

This does not occur for all items in our inventory, just certain items. But I have not been able to determine a similarity between the items that are not scanning in the Make a Sale view.

Additionally, in the older version of POS, if this occurred while in the Make a Sale view, the application would not allow the user to continue to scan items if the previously scanned item was not found. In this version of POS unless you are viewing the screen while scanning, there is not an error message, nor any other warning, the scanner beeps and shows green, the user is allowed to continue to scan Items to sell. However, the scanned Item has NOT been added to the sale list.

What can I do to address this issue? I have gone through the hardware verification of the scanner and it is scanning the appropriate item number. If I manually enter the item number into the Make a Sale search window, the item is found without issue.

I am not sure what the issue is, but any suggestion to help resolve this would be appreciated.
  • The Item does show up in the "Item List" when scanning the barcode but when we go to "Make a Sale" the same barcode returns nothing.  My guess is that the "Item List" search is not exact while the "Make a Sale" search is.  This is because Quickbooks POS 2013 adds numbers to fill in the barcode to meet the character length via adding leading zeros or a random number to the other side.  It works if you just have the leading zeros in "Make a Sale" but if any other number was added it will not.
    Can we change this so that the search in "Make a Sale" functions like the search in the "Item List?"
  • When we scan a UPC in the Sale screen we receive a message that the item is not found, however if the UPC is typed in or when scanning the same UPC in the Item screen or the Quickfind box the item is found.  Any resolution ?
  • Was there an answer to this problem as I'm having exact same problem
  • Sorry to be more exact from my previous comment, I'm having the exact same problem as @jnappo. Item scans fine but when we go to "make a sale" screen it says item not found. Approximately 18 of our 75 items are doing this and we don't know why. We can't use this system properly unless this is resolved.
  • This is like saying my car will not crank, why.?  You do not provide enough information to determine the issue.
  • Does anyone know if this can be fixed and how to fix it?  Sucks to have to create another item and then merge them so you can keep the sales history for it.
Items in QBPOS can be scanned by the QB item number or by UPC number in the upc field.  Which type of barcode are you having trouble returing the item?  If it is UPC the it is likely the upc code is entered incorrectly into the system.
  • When we scan a UPC in the Sale screen we receive a message that the item is not found, however if the UPC is typed in or when scanning the same UPC in the Item screen or the Quickfind box the item is found.  Any resolution ?
  • Bumping this thread as we have this exact same issue.  You can scan from make a sale screen and it says "Item not found".  You can scan it from item inventory and it finds it there.  We need a fix please.  Thanks
  • Same problem on newly installed system
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