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QB Pro 2013 Brand new Error Message QBW32.EXE Fatal Application Exit

i just bought Quickbooks 2013 Pro and I am already getting error messages ever since I installed it 4 days ago. QB32.EXE Fatal Application Exit. Quickbooks is now terminating. Have been entering all my customers and info and this error message comes up and terminates program about every 20 minutes.  What is causing this and how can I fix it? Brand new computer also with Windows 7.  I was using Peachtree but decided to switch to QuickBooks.


    Thank you for the responses.  I have tried them all and have all the updates but it is still aborting. Brand new computer and Quick Books 2013.  Very frustrating. 

    •  Yep, same here.  It is certainly a Quickbooks 2012 - 2013 problem because I have 4 different company files and each one of them will crash when performing mundane tasks such as Invoices, Bills, Reports, etc.  It is just random and I cannot track down why it happens or the reason for it each time.  The fact that it happens on 3 different computers and 4 different company files is the part which told me there is a serious problem.   P.S.  Updating to R5 made no difference whatsoever.

     I am also having this problem.  Everything else on my computer is perfect.  I subscript to Pro Plus, so I've spent hours on the phone with tech support (in India) trying to solve the problem.  The technicians are friendly, but seem to alway read from a script.  Most are NOT capable of listening and understanding the problem.  I explain the problem ten times and they still answer in a way that shows that they don't understand what I'm describing.  They have re-installed, repaired my file, etc, etc, all without any success.  My QB still crashes multiple times daily.  I was told that I should close all other programs when using Quickbooks.  That is not how I work, so it is not an option.  I wish that they could have been up front with me and told me that this is a known issue and QB is working on solving the problem.  Hiding the issue forced me to spend my hours wasting my time.

    • I agree 100%!  I used Peachtree for 20 years but when my computer crashed, I had several to tell me to use QuickBooks.  Brand new computer, Brand new Quick Books program..... should not be crashing all the time. Don't appreciate them brushing it off and saying it is my computer.
    • Don't feel bad.  When we upgraded from a Premier version to Enterprise it was a nightmare.  Ever since then, we've been dealing with constant bugs, errors and crashes.  A year ago, I was on the phone with customer support for almost 5 hours of a workday trying to fix these unrecoverable error messages we were receiving on all 5 computers.  I was running all over the office from computer to computer like a dang circus monkey.  After everything was done, the rep then asked me to perform the task that had been giving us these errors.  WHAT? It was never a specific task.  And it was random.  He actually thought I could "duplicate" the problem.  Needless to say, the next day the errors were still shutting us down.  I  called again and was basically told it was my computer.  When I said we were running it on 5 computers and a server, all of which were having the error messages, I was told that there was something wrong with all 6 computers and not a QB issue! Seriously jacked up!!

    Do you use Merchant Services or Online billing?  If so, try this article:


    Edit:  This might help also:


    • I do not use online billing.

    Also, make sure you have the R3 update downloaded.

    • How do I do that?  That is something you have to do even though the program is brand new???
    • Yes. The are always bugs with the first release of a program.  R3 has corrected some of them. Go to Help > Update QB. You can read about R3 here: http://www.sleeter.com/blog/2012/10/quickbooks-2013-r3-released/
    • I looked on the info page for Quickbooks and it says I have Quickbooks Pro 2013 Release 3P  So does that mean I already have this update?
    • Yes, you have the most recent update. Did you try the second article above?
    • I will look at the other article... In the mean time, I have a couple of questions... I have some customers that always pay no tax. Is there a way to set their whole account as no tax or do I have to put non-taxable on each individual invoice? Thank you so much for trying to help me!

    Does this Fatal Error (which I'm currently experiencing as well) occur when you are doing invoices or bill generally?  I found in 2012 that Quickbooks Pro would crash if you have the "History Bar" open on the right side of then invoices and bills screens.

    For some reason loading the older transactions, payments, etc. would cause Quickbooks to crash about 5 - 10% of the time.  When I closed the window, by using the little arrow at the top, the crashes seemed to go away.

    I bet that whatever caused that problem, which was never fixed, has somehow made its way into the code of Quickbooks 2013.  I have a very simple Windows 7 network with (3) computers sharing from a central server.  Hope this fixes your problem.

    •  I am also having this issue - crashed twice on me today, but I was doing billing and I'm sure what you describe is the problem... hoping they find a solution soon!

     Go to www.quickbooks.com/support and download & install the R5 update -- it fixes several problems. 

    Please click solved or ask more questions. 

    • Upgraded from Ent. 2012 to Ent 2013 on Jan 4, 2013.  Started having unrecoverable error messages from the get go.  I have downloaded the R5 update as of last week.  Now we are getting "fatal error" messages and the system shutsdown.  This is sporadic from user to user company wide. 

    We expreienced a similar error but with QBW Enterprise 13 - This was caused by a known issue and will be experienced with users connecting via terminal server or using a remote application of QBW.  The error was actually making the server go blue-screen. 

    The cause was related to the system file RDPWD.sys file being outdated.  It is not outdated and most likely will never casue an issue until you install and try to run QBW Ent. 13.0

    There is a hotfix for the file depending upon your machine - Updating to even R5 with QBW 13.0 will not fix the issue until you run the hotfix.  Something in QBW 13.0 does not play well with this file and Server 2008.


    • We are getting this error also, I will try the fix that you show and report back in a couple of days on it's success or failure.
    • So I downloaded the "HotFix" from Microsoft last night, but it is not for Server 2008 R2 SP1 only for Windows Vista! So does anyone else have any ideas how to stop this error????
    • We are running Windows XP on the server and Windows 7 on all the other computers so I don't think this will work.  Even so, do I only need to do this HotFix on the server or on all computers?
    • Using Enterprise 13  on single, stand alone computer running Windows 7 and is experiencing same problem so it is not isolated to servers and their connecting computers.
    • A friend who works a lot with Quick Books and who is helping learn the system, called Quick Books about it, and they said it was my computer not Quick Books.... hmmmmmm!!!!!!!
    • Intuit always blames others for any kind of problem, even though some of these problems were apparently caused by Quickbooks.

    Hi everyone, please see this article to sign up to be notified when this issue will be resolved.





       It appears that the "March 2013 - R6 Update" for QuickBooks 2013 was released today (http://support.intuit.ca/quickbooks/en-ca/iq/Update-QuickBooks/QuickBooks-2013-Update/HOW19716.html)

      Any word if this resolves the sporadic "Aborting Application: QuickBooks is now terminating" crashes? The R6 release notes are pretty weak...

      • Hi there, that release is actually for the Candaian version of QuickBooks.  The US version for R6 has not been released yet.
      • Why Canada first?  When will US update be available?  These constant crashes are getting way out of hand for my little 5 user business.   All users should have this update available at the same time. Very poor service on QB's part if you ask me.  I was just checking online and see that according to CNET, QuickBooks MAC users R6 update was released last Friday.  So only Canadians and MAC users are getting relief right now from these constant crashes!  Nice!
      • Good news everyone, the US 2013 R6 update is now live and the Fatal Application Exit error is resolved in this release.  Please update when you can here: http://support.quickbooks.intuit.com/Support/ProductUpdates.aspx  
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