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Unable to email pdf files - no QB pdf converter

I recently updated to QB 2007 Contractor from the 2006 version. Since the update, I cannot send any email files (invoices, reports, etc.) with pdf attachments. I get an error telling me that the pdf file failed to be created. In reading the help index, it says to try deleting the QB pdf converter and that it would reinstall when attempting to send another pdf file. However, when I go to my printer/faxes to delete the converter, there is no pdf converter to delete. There is a Quicken pdf converter and an Intuit internal printer but no QB pdf converter. Any suggestions?


    Same here. Unable to e-mail anything and QB PDF Converter is not listed as an available printer so QB instructions to delete and try again do not work. Other PDF writers are on this system but they only allow a Save As from the print menu which then requires invoices etc to be sent as email attachments via email program which defeats the purpose of the QB program.

    Does anyone have any further ideas?


      I finally got an answer!!!!! This problem has been the bane of my existence since December. None of the solutions here worked, so last week, I broke down and purchased the PDF converter from Amyuni. Then, I contacted their tech support. In less than 5 minutes, my problem was solved. I am using QuickBooks 2009 Premier on XP Pro (not 64 bit). The tech found that I was missing printer port FILE:. He said that sometimes, this port goes missing due to another program being installed, but their software needs it function properly. Once we reinstalled the port, the PDF converter worked perfectly and I was able to email invoices, POs and Paystubs again. To do this yourself, go to Printers and Faxes, File, Server Properties, Ports. Choose Add Port, Local Port, New Port and then name it "FILE:" The description should be "Print to File". After that, open QuickBooks and try to email something (I did a PO). It worked immediately for me. Hopefully, this will help you.


        I have the same problem.

        • I am having the same problem in that I can not email invoices or reports in a PDF format because of a problem with the QuickBooks PDF converter. I upgraded QuickBooks (a download) from 2008 to 2010 and am running on Windows 7. I am not that good at computer problems like this so can someone give me a simple fix???

        I discovered that my version did not install anything called QuickBooks PDF Converter but rather a driver called Amyuni Document Converter which was a converter in QB 2006. I deleted it, followed the restart instructions for this issue in QB 2007, but nothing reinstalled. If you look on Intuit's support site and follow the instructions for this problem in QB 2006 (which is to rename the file), maybe that would work. Unfortunately, I cannot try this as nothing reinstalled after I deleted the file.


          Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately neither suggestion worked. I deleted the Intuit driver and still couldn't email any files. I tried installing the Amyuni converter and received 2 error messages. Error code 2: the system cannot find the file specified and Error code 1797 Printer driver unknown.

          Any other ideas.


            Oddly, after QB tech support told us how to 'unlock' self-generated payroll checks, we no longer had a problem with PDF invoices, etc. The fix solutions for PDF print problems in QB Help are erroneous. The PDF driver will be called Amyuni something and not what the directions state. This was confirmed by QB tech support personnel. If you want to speak to someone that speaks understandable English, use the Payroll item on the Intuit phone support. My first calls on the support line very clearly transferred to India with tech support following a script and no understanding of the actual program.


              I'm already using the payroll, so nothing to unlock.


                I am having the same problem. I also get the error messages when trying to install the amyuni converter.


                  Ok, for those willing to try and those using Windows XP, this may be the solution to the problem; at least it was for me.

                  I contacted tech support and he ran through a systematic process to get the converter installed. Here are the steps:

                  Close all programs--
                  Click Start>Run> enter "msconfig" click OK--
                  General tab: uncheck ?Load startup Items?--
                  Startup tab: click "Disable All"--
                  Services tab: check ?Hide all Microsoft Services? Click Apply,
                  Click OK ? computer will reboot--
                  After reboot, check the box on screen referencing changes (can't remember exactly what it says), Click OK--
                  Do a file search for ?install.exe?--
                  After complete search, look for the ?install.exe? that is in the QB 2007 folder--
                  Double click that ?install.exe?--
                  It should install the Amyuni Document Converter with a line saying that the printer was successfully installed--
                  Check the Printers and Faxes to see if the converter is there. If so, try emailing an invoice, etc. from QB

                  This worked for me; hopefully it will work for others.


                    Hi Amy,
                    I tried your solution and it wouldn't let me rename it do you have any other ideas?



                      Two things I forgot to mention
                      1. In order to uncheck "Load Start up items" you must first check "Selective start up"
                      2. After you get the pdf converter installed you need to run "msconfig" again and under the General tab check "Normal Startup" then click OK and computer will reboot.


                        Thanks for posting your solution. I'm afraid it didn't work for me. I still get the same errors when I run install.exe. BTW, I'm running 2006, not 2007, so that could be the difference.


                          Hi Amy,
                          I am having the same problem and using a 64bit processor, could you please help me. I am using QB Pro 2006 R4 (UK Version).
                          Many thanks



                            I would like to add one more addition here

                            that go to
                            c:windowssystem32wbem there should be one file wid the name framedyn.dll right click on the file and click on the copy option

                            then go to c:windowssystem32 then right click on the blank space in that screen and click on paste..

                            then restart ur system

                            then search for install.exe and double click on the one which is in the directory where the quickbooks is installed

                            hope u ll not get 1797 error there



                              Amy, I have tried your recommendation, it has not worked, I have also spent 1 1/2 on the phone with a very helpful Patrick to no avail.

                              I still can't send an invoice from QB 2006, I have tried uninstalling the program and reinstalling.
                              I have followed your directions and renamed the printer - did not fix the problem.

                              I upgraded to 2006 to be able to continue using the email invoices option, has there been a solution found to this probelm?

                              Also, when reconciling my accounts, I get a pdf error.

                              Has QB's come up with an easier way to fix this? What can you suggest that I try now?

                              I like the program and am happy with the new layouts, I find it easy to work with and have only had a couple of bugs that up until now have been relatively easy to repair, but I am at my whits end on how to proceed with this, I do not want to have to uninstall and re-install the program again.

                              I currently have an old QuickBooks Pro folder and a new folder under my Program files/Inuit folder, one of which is the corret folder and one which is the old folder (tried deleting it, it won't go anywhere) not sure if the uninstalling-reinstalling has caused this.

                              Just really would like to get some work done.....

                              Any assistance that helps me find a solution would be much appreciated.



                                *** FOR PRO 2006: NOT ACCT VERSION (backed up in browser before initially submitting and it changed a couple fields) ***


                                Like so many others, I am unable to save as PDF or email invoices due to this disturbing PDF converter issue. I am running 2006 Pro on Win XP Pro, SP2, and I have done the following so far:

                                * found steps in the forum to try and resolve, but got to the final step with no succes, so I contacted QB support

                                * QB support ran me through a couple hours of troubleshooting and uninstalling/reinstalling some stuff, and deleting the PDF converter ... the end of that conversation was the support telling me he would call me back in five (5) minutes, and I never have received a call-back ... conclusion: QB support in India SUCKS!!!

                                * per forum instructions, have uninstalled the Quickbooks PDF Converter from Printers & Faxes, then tried to email an invoice again ... the QB PDF Converter reappears, but still errors and QB shuts off (done this countless times at this point)

                                * per forum instructions, have uninstalled the QB PDF Converter, and run the install.exe, and successfully renamed the Amyuni PDF Converter, then run QB and tried to email an invoice, but it breaks again as usual (done this countless times)

                                * uninstalled QB, deleted the QB PDF Converter, checked that no other print driver is using LPT1 (none are), removed all Amyuni entries from the registry ... rebooted ... renamed and deleted the Intuit folders from the system (after QB uninstallation) ... rebooted ... reinstalled QB, downloaded/installed all updates ... rebooted ... then run QB and tried to email an invoice, but it breaks again as usual (done some variation of this about 4 or 5 times at this point)

                                * also tried adjusting the msconfig according to another member's suggestion in the forum, but it didn't work either

                                I'm at my wits end with this. While it's not vital to have this feature, it's kind of a big selling point to just hit send email, and everything gets bundled up into a PDF, then packaged nicely into an email, and sent off to the client, with a BCC to myself.

                                Now I have to manually do these tasks, and that's just more time wasted ... also goes against what Intuit is marketing as a functional feature. I'm sick and tired of dealing with this issue, and hate that I've had to become this intimate with the behind-the-scenes workings of some of this stuff ... not to mention the roughly 20 hours of time I've wasted.

                                Is there a support person within Intuit that can actually help with this issue, or is this just a (now known) bug that we have to just live with?

                                Very frustrating!


                                  My questions is quite simple really, Why hasn't Quickbooks (Intuit) offered a solution to the pdf converter problem? The only reason we chose to upgrade to the 2006 was to maintain the ability to send our invoices via QB's. It's extremely frustrating to realize that we have wasted our funds for the software as well as the 300.00 for the year of such wonderful support!

                                  Now version 2007 is being offered and 2006 might as well be extinct.

                                  Has anyone been able to figure out the problem and if there is an advisor from quickbooks reading these forums, would you please explain to me why a patch has not been developed to repair this obvious problem?


                                    Thanks Chris. This fix took care of the PDF problem for me.



                                      Thanks for responding. Basically, I go into QB to send an invoice, and the attached is the result. I then click "don't send" and QB shuts down entirely. Let me know if you need any additional information, and thanks again!


                                        For those having difficulty e-mailing invoices, purchase order forms etc...

                                        I had this frustrating problem with Qbks Accountant 2006/7 and Outlook 2003. In my case, I could print PDF reports o.k. but Qbks forms would not e-mail successfully.

                                        But then, I first made sure that the form to be sent had the 'to be printed' box ticked... and everything then works fine.

                                        Hope this may help others.


                                          Along similar lines try running it on Windows XP64. The Amyuni software that comes with QB2006 Pro is not current enough to support XP64. I run the install.exe and all I get is:

                                          Windows 2000/XP/2003 Install
                                          Amyuni Document Converter
                                          Installing Printer Driver
                                          Error Code: 216
                                          Unknown error
                                          Installing printer
                                          Error Code: 1797
                                          The printer driver is unknown.
                                          Printer setup failed
                                          Error Code: 1797
                                          The printer driver is unknown.

                                          Looking at the Amyuni website shows they began adding 64bit support in version 2.50e. The version in QB2006 is an older 2.50 version than that.

                                          Hey Intuit - any chance of getting a 2.50e or later version of the Amyuni software from you? Either that or I have to shell out $79 to get it direct from Amyuni and hope I can get QB2006 to recognize it. It should as long as I set it up as "QuickBooks PDF Converter" on LPT1: IN any case - you should update the next QB2006 build with a 2.50e or later version.



                                            Hi Amy

                                            just looked in this post and you told about that unrecoverable error while sending the mail so as per the error message i do understan that there might be file or program issue but the chances are only 10% whereas wat i think is problem is saving as pdf so we need the same install.log for that system wat happens when he try to run the install.exe if we can get that may be we can get something else .

                                            I don know if you will be agree to that or not.

                                            thanks and regards


                                              But QB2007 doesn't officially suport WinXP64 either. How do I know upgrading will actually solve the problem? That's alot of money to spend as a test.


                                                Hi Amy,

                                                I think in this matter before we try repairing or uninstalling and reinstalling or lookin for damage we should try savin as pdf m sure when we ll run install.exe he should get the message install.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close .
                                                And here the same post will work the one we ve posted for reconcilation . Printer may be different other than cannon multi pass . May be if you can bring that post here then may be we ll be able to resolve that very soon.

                                                Thanks and Regards


                                                  I just purchased Premier 2007 this week. I have been having the same problems sending material by email from QB. I deleted the Intuit printer as instructed in the help menu and tried resending via email. No luck. Called Tech Support, which was a total waste of time. Couldn't understand the person I was talking with and they didn't have a clue. I was basically told to just print the forms and mail them instead of emailing! If you want to save a lot of grief, go to the Amyuni website, http://www.amyuni.com/en/enduser/pdfconverter/features.html
                                                  and download their PDF Converter. It runs about $80.00, but it works! You can download the trial version at no cost first to insure that everything is working before shelling out the money. I know that it will never happen, but QB should offer this as a free download....


                                                    AMY, my version is Premier 2007 Industry Edition... I am experiencing the same issues where I am not able to send out PDFs. I am using Windows XP 64-bit with all updates.

                                                    Initially I could not get QB to load because it wanted Net Framework 1.1 to load... I "dumbed down" my machine to 1.1... loaded QB... Everything seemed to be ok. I then later discovered that I could not send out anything and it stated my PDF file converter was missing etc...

                                                    I have talked to several QB techs on the phone to with no avail... The only thing they told me to do is to reinstall QB (done twice now)? Then install the Amyuni Document Converter from the install.exe file (here is what the popup window shows ? Windows XP/2003 64-bit AMD Install; Checking for existing PDF printer; Copying acfpdfamd64.dll file ? Error code:2, cannot find file; Copying acfpdfamd64.ui.dll ? cannot file file; installing amyuni pdf print driver Error code:2, cannot find file; installing amyuni PDF printer ? error code 1797 failed)

                                                    I just upgraded back to Net Framwork 2.0 and also uploaded all updates for Netframwork and xp Professional 64-bit. What is your next suggestion for getting my PDF File Converter to properly install... thanks



                                                      I just downloaded & installed the Demo as suggested... now at least I get to the "Going Online" box... but then QB hangs there... After a while I manually close the box and QB partially shuts down... I'm leary of purchasing the $80 version if this one does not work...

                                                      This is a high end (and very new) computer by the way... lots of room, speed, etc...

                                                      "I've just placed a toy gun to my CPUs head and threats don't seem to be working either" ;-)


                                                        To continue...

                                                        I've tried the reinstall things one more time in a different order, changed the printer file name to "Intuit Internal Printer", tried sending an invoice to a customer, and tried sending it to QB to mail a form...

                                                        My current "Intuit Printer Library" error message is as follows:

                                                        "could not print to printer. Check your printer selection"


                                                        "printing may have been cancelled from another program.

                                                        ...I'm beginning to think that my computer may have forgotten that "I'M" the master and it's the slave... lol


                                                          After an automatic update for our QBPro 2005, one of our networked systems is no longer to email PO, Invoices, etc. The error message is Unable to convert form to PDF, and then a PDF Generation message is displayed. I have reloaded QB, updated Adobe Reader, but still receive the same messages and I am unable to email from QB. Any advice?


                                                            I contacted Amyuni directly and they have a newer version of their software which DOES support XP64. You would have to buy it and install it instead of the one that comes with QB. I guess uninstalling the QB one and installing the newer Amyuni one might pull it off, if you configured it properly, but there is no guarantee there.

                                                            What version of the Amyuni software does QB2007 have? If it is more recent than the one in QB2006 then it may work properly.


                                                              Greg: thanks for the steps. This solved my problem first time through.

                                                              I would have stayed on QB 2004 if they hadn't forced me up to 2007. Nothing but problems so far.

                                                              thanks again.



                                                                I am having a similar problem, were all of sudden qb2007 contractor stops responding when I try to send an invoice by email. I tried to repair the program and that did nothing. I have restarted the computer and tried almost everything above me that was written about. What now!!!


                                                                  I created this screencast video on a workaround I've done twice and tools to troubleshoot the virtual PDF printer and spooler services


                                                                  Adria Richards
                                                                  Aden Networks


                                                                    To fix this issue, you must rename the qbprint.qbp file. It gets corrupt somehow.

                                                                    Go to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Intuit\QuickBooks 2008\qbprint.qbp (Change the "2008" to your version)

                                                                    Rename the file to qbprint.qbp.old

                                                                    You should now be able to print and email.


                                                                      This an old question, but I currently had to solve the problem. I renamed the printer Amyuni.....as described in the Intuit Internal printer properties and set this printer to print to file. At this point you have created a PDF file in Program files/intuit/ quickbooks... directory which can be emailed.


                                                                        Are the instructions submitted in 2006 still current for QB Pro 9? I am having the same issue.


                                                                          I've been using my 2009 QB for accountants now for about 5 months and I am just now having this problem. For some unknown reason to me I am now unable to email invoices. I'd like to have this fixed asap. What should I do. I am running on a windows xp system.


                                                                            I am trying to send an invoice online...my internet connection is very good, but I am not geting a response from QuickBooks...does anyone have an idea what the issue could be?


                                                                              I have the same problem, and have had this prior to the 2010 updates.  This looks like a Quick Books problem.  This creates a great deal of  Annoyance as it continues.  I have to stop, copy, fax or mail to clients.  NOT A GOOD THING.  Please fix ASAP  deleting, the printer doesn't't  work. It continues to re install itself,  With prior versions, BEFORE 2007,, things worked just fine.

                                                                              old user

                                                                              QUESTION  Why are you showing OLD e-mails from  11/06???



                                                                                Same problem, called tech support at least three times and got the same junk about deleting the printer, I'm using QB2010 and its a 64 bit windows 7 pc. Problem is prolly with the driver with 64 bit PC's but who knows. Please fix this because QB is a pain in the [removed] not having the email function. And honestly who much cheaper can it be to farm out your tech support to India.  When most of your client bas is from the us.


                                                                                  Hello avprojay,

                                                                                  Welcome to the community forums. I apologize for the frustration that this problem has caused you. I would suggest downloading the latest updates for QuickBooks, found here - Latest Program updates

                                                                                  If you already have the latest updates for QuickBooks then try the suggestions in the following help article - Problems creating PDF documents


                                                                                    how do i email user register to someone else


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