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Quickbooks 2012 on Windows 8. Can't send an invoice get error: Your forms were not sent because QB could not create the necessary PDF files. I tried to install the amyuri file but it loops.

When trying to send an invoice I get the error:  your forms were not sent because quickbooks couldn't create the necessary PDF files.  I tried to install the amyuri.inf driver but it loops.

I also need to figure out how to send attachments from email. 


    1. Make sure you have R3 downloaded & installed.
    2. See the thread/discussion below.
    • http://community.intuit.com/posts/windows-server-2012windows-8-pdf-creation-doesnt-work

    If needed, install the PDF printer below.





    I found this and it has worked so far.  I turned off vista compatability and running as administrator afterward and it still works.  cross fingers.


       This will work:

      Download PDF Creator 1.6.1 from http://www.pdfforge.org/

      -Set it as the default printer

      -On the printing window make sure it is printing from PDF Creator (or click arrow and choose)

      -On that window after entering your info

      -click on email (lower part of window)


      • Here we go and after probably 30 hours of trying I can finally send statements and invoices via email even though an Intuit assistant told me in India that I would have to upgrade to QB 2013 for $199. I’m using QB 2012 pro with Windows 8 64 bit and not at all computer savvy. This link, http://www.cosinecs.com/W8-PDF-fix.html, did the job after many, many, many attempts and by reading other posts and doing some stuff differently. This is exactly what I did. I deleted the Microsoft XPS Document Writer v4, didn’t work unless I did this. Then downloaded the folder from the link and let it download to  computer. This is a zipped file and I extracted it in my documents in a new folder. Then I went control panel, view printers and devices, add printer, clicked the" printer I want isn’t listed" then next. Click replace current driver next, I was prompted to select a port so I added new port and named XPSPORT under a new local port. Then selected had disk and browsed to where I placed it in my documents. Doubled clicked the file which came up as Microsoft XSP Document Writer THEN OPENED IT AND FOLLOWED THE PROMPS AND HEY PRESTO.  
      • Your post is very helpful, I am having the same trouble, but I am not sure which file are you referring, pleae let me know where do I locate the file to download
      • http://www.cosinecs.com/W8-PDF-fix.html Click on this link and download the folder by clicking on where it says download folder and save to computor. It is a zipped file which I was able to unzip when I moved it to my documents.   Hope this helps.
      • thanks I did that, but still does not work, I downloaded, I am closing quickboks and starting again and see what happens
      • Did you have any joy? If not are you running widows 8 64 bit? If so and you have quicbooks 2012 pro I cant see why what I did shouldnt work for you unleess the other stuff you tried is stopping it. I did not download any other PDF creators. My successful try started with me uninstalling everything I tried previous including the folder from the link and I uninstalled Microsoft XPS Document Writer v4 and then I restarted my pc. I then downloaded the folder from this link  http://www.cosinecs.com/W8-PDF-fix.html to computor. I DID NOT FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS IN THIS LINK AS IT DID NOT WORK FOR ME. I clicked on the folder that I had downloaded to cmputor and moved it to a document folder and during this I was asked if I wanted to extract all files in the folder and I did. Then I went through tthe process of adding a new printer and browsed to the document folder I had exracted and after double clicking it I added a new printer named Microsoft XPS Document Writer to a new port I named XPSPORT. This is not my default printer.                                

       When you added the new printer was it the exact same name printer that you deleted microsoft xps document writer but with the V4 missing? 


        The advice given by user Cozza worked perfectly for me. It was quick and easy. QB support wanted me to upgrade to 2013 - so go figure. They don't even know how to solve their own problems.


          Cozza's solution that she found worked for us. I recommend for anyone who has problems to try this. It was easy and didn't take more than 5 mintues to do. Good luck!

            Im having this problem at home ill have to try tonight if it works for all you I have my fingers crossed !
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