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How to resolve PDF issues on windows 8?

 On Windows 8 Emailing forms, previous bank reconciliation reports, and saving as PDF within the program may get resolved by the following Steps:

1. Download and extract the Windows 7 XPS document writer printer drivers containing folder from here Microsoft XPS Document Writer Click File and Download.

2. Copy and paste this folder to C Drive\Windows\System32.

3. Open Devices and Printers using Windows key+ R  to get the run box and type Control.exe Printers and press Enter.

4. Right Click Microsoft XPS Document Writer and Click Remove Device.

5. Click Add a new printer and Click on “A printer that wasn’t listed”

6. Select “add local printer with manual settings” and Click next.

7. Select the radio button Create a new Port,Type of port Local port and Click next.

8. Enter a port as XPS and click ok.

9. Click have disk and Browse to the C Drive\Windows\System32\Microsoft XPS Document Writer

10.Select prnms001 file and click open and the ok.

11. Select replace Current drivers and next.

12. Type a printer name will show up as Microsoft XPS Document Writer just click next and Finish.  

Test: Open Quickbooks and open any invoice and Click File and Save as PDF and save to the desktop and check if that invoice got saved as PDF.



  • I was able to get to step 10 and then got lost. please help me!
  • The steps above did solve the issue of emailing reports as pdf, but when I click the send button Quickbooks closes.  I am using the latest update of QB Pro 2011.
  • I spoke too soon...Quickbooks crashes before it actually sends the reports via email.  Is anyone still monitoring this thread?
  • Do I do this even if I have a 64 bit? I am have Win 8, QB 2012, 64 Bit?
  • oneononebookkeep, I also have the 64 bit.  I followed the instructions to download the CutePDF writer. It installs as a printer on your computer and when emailing reports, etc. you "print" them and select the CuteWriter as your printer and then it will save as a pdf.  Everything else seems to be working fine with the instructions at the very top of this page.
  • when I type in #10,it goes to System 32 and prnms001 isnt on list.  Now what?
  • 3. The Microsoft XPS Document Writer is not showing.  What did I do wrong?
  • Thank You. Thank You.  I thought I'd have to downgrade to Windows 7 or Upgrade my Quickbooks to 2013.  This worked perfectly. Thank You.

Worked on Quickbooks 2011 Pro - thanks for figuring it out! I wasn't too jazzed about upgrading to 2013 without any assurance even that would work correctly - now I will keep 2011 until absolutely necessary!



    Hi, I am having trouble with step 1 & 2, I have windows 8 and QB 2012-2013 but can't figure out which of the 5? attached downloads to do and how to save it so I can retrieve it in the following steps. Please help.

    • kellie, I'm the last guy that would know how to do this, but I did.  When you get to that list, go 'file'  and you'll see download.
    •  thank you, the file button was hiding, found it and followed all steps with a breeze after that but when I got to quickbooks I still can't email an invoice, same error message 20!! total frustration here
    • Haven't tried emailing an invoice yet, but one work around would be the extra step of saving invoice and then attaching. I can't believe I've giving advice, LOL
    • It worked for me with QB 2011 and Windows8. Thanks



      Which one do you know of the drivers to download?

      • You have the link for XPS document writer above on the very top.  
      • What happen to the link I went to open it and there was an erro on the page. Did you take it off? I still need the help please help
      • I'm having trouble with "Click File and Download" in step 1 -- I can't find "file" to click. I tried "saving as" but that didn't work.... Any help would be much appreciated. 
      •  The link still works, I just checked it. File is right below M of Microsoft
      • When I try and save to the C Drive\Windows|System32, it says I do not have permission. I am the owner of this computer... Thanks!

      When I click on the link,  it shows 5 different files, which one do I choose?

      Thank you for your help.

      •  You need to click File and then download on the google  doc website where the links takes you.
      • Arvind, there are 5 files that show up on the link. Which one do I download? Would it possible for you to write step by step instructions? I have QB Pro 2009 and just transferred to a new Win 8 computer. Thank you. Ian
      •  Sir, I m not very sure if Pro 2009 will work the way we want as it is first of all incompatible with Win8. You may try to install it and make sure you create a restore point before Installing it. The steps are going to remain the same for fixing the PDF issues. Let me check if there is another possibility to make it work but I would like you to try it and let me know what happened first.
      •  You need to click File and then click download and it will begin downloading the zip file. Extract it and move on.
      • Arvind, I tried all possibilities with the instructions for QB9; however, it will not print a test page or even if I open an invoice and use it as a 'file" and save to desktop option. nothing happens.
      • Sir, I request you to upgrade your quickbooks as QB2009 is incompatible with Win 8 at the first place and secondly it might create a bigger issue than what we currently have. A new version of QB Pro2013 will cost you just $199.95 that will solve all issues. I just do not want to play with your PC. 

      I keep getting stuck on #10  I click on the prnms001 and then click open but I never get to a screen that has "replace Current drivers

      PLEASE help!!! What am I doing wrong?


      Thank You!!!  That worked for my Quickbooks 2012


           All fixed, many thanks - why don't their support know about this or even point to this artical!!



             Your the man, spent all day trying different solutions. All to no avail. Yours was my final attempt and it worked!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


               Hope this helps


                All windows 8 users must visit



                   I was skeptical.......but it worked EVEN for me!


                  Thank You!

                  • It worked for me too...you are amazing.  Thank you so much for taking the time to post this and help so many people.  I am truly grateful .  I use Quickbooks Pro 2011  I did need my 28 year old son to help fill in blanks and tell me to breath!!  I am so happy at this moment.  I really think Windows 8 stinks though :(

                  While I appreciate what you've done to assist in this issue, I am afraid to do anything to "remove" my XPS document writer since it is ESSENTIAL to my business from home office to main in printing my invoices to that writer for emailing.  I am running new Windows 8 computer with QB Pro 2012. . When I try to email my customers with their PDF invoices, I get the error message: "Your forms were not sent because QuickBooks could not create the necessary PDF files."  It then suggests that I close QuickBooks and restart and try sending the forms again.  Didn't work.  When I look at my printers, I only have my physical printer, internal fax and the Microsoft XPS document writer (the crucial file writer I need for work).  My old computer had the QuickBooks PDF converter in the list of printers/devices.  When I reloaded QuickBooks to my new computer, tech support walked me through the proper download online (since I do not have a disk) and assisted with the proper link to downloads and updates.  Tech was aware that I was running Windows 8.  Can you please help me download this QuickBooks PDF Converter without my having to alter/remove/reinstall my MS XPS Doc Writer?  Thank you for your help! I have 70 invoices that need sent to my customers and they are getting upset that I haven't emailed them yet!!  Appreciate anything you can do to assist! - Kathie (MMTLGST@aol.com)

                  •  Install the free CutePDF writer and you can print invoices to it, attach them to an email to your customers.  Quick and easy and works great!   
                  • Kat4Stang, The steps above are to install a COMPATIBLE  XPS document writer.  No worries, you will be able to print all of your documents to the Windows 7 XPS Document Writer.
                  • Your solution worked, Michele. Thanks!

                  YEAH!!! Thank you... thank you... This worked for me.  The only thing I had to do before it would tho that wasn't mentioned in the steps was. Go to Printers and Right Click on the printer Microsoft XPS Document Writer, goto Properties or Server Properties, Security Tab and Make sure that all Groups and Users names have a Check mark in the Allow box. Then it worked perfect. :-)


                    Thank you so much for your thorough instructions.

                    I followed them exactly and am now successfully printing from quickbooks premier (np) 2010 on my new windows 8 laptop - what a relief!



                      I've got windows 7, QB 2013 pro and I'm not able to print or convert to pdf, can you help?

                      Note, I;ve looked through and the on line community and found nothing that matches the above ie win 07'


                      Thank you!  This resolved the issue for me.  I have the QuickBooks Premier 2012 version and Windows 8.


                        Getting stuck on step 9...Microsoft XPS Document Writer does not show up under System32.  Help!!

                        • look under system32/spool/tools and move it to system32 from there

                        Thanks Tons !!  worked great !


                          Happy to report that this worked like a charm on Windows 8, QB Pro 2011 Premier - Retail Edition v.21.0.4012.0.


                            This worked on one of our office computers. But I had already tried the PDF repair on this computer before I noticed that it was only for quickbooks 2013.  I tried uninstalling and re-installing quickbooks but the Microsoft xps document writer is deleted. I tried to find a way to download that driver but I have windows 8 and quickbooks 12 and I cant successfully complete the download.  any ideas?

                            •  I have Quickbooks 12 and Windows 8 and it worked for me. Maybe redo your steps.
                            •  nuff... Download cutePDF  it is a free download.  I have Windows 8 and  QB 2012... this worked like a miricle... it's easy and works wonderfully!

                            Thank you so much!  It worked. I appreciate your help so very much.  QuickBooks needs to distribute this information to all of their techs in India and the Philippines.  I'm sure they would appreciate the information also.  I spoke to 4 different techs yesterday that offered no real solutions. Thanks again.


                              Using Quickbooks Accountant 11 on Win8...After Several Attempts with No Luck, this One Worked. I am Very Please...Thanks so Much...(0:



                                Hi - thanks for the detailed instructions.  I'm working with QB 2012 in a 64 bit Windows 8 OS.  Got as far as step 9 no problem.  However, when I go to click browse, I cannot see the Microsoft xps document writer folder as a choice.  If I just go into my library and try to find it I can see it, but not when I'm looking in this printer port window.  I do notice thought when I go to the library, it says it's a compressed file.  Do I have to do anything with that?


                                   It worked so far on my 64 bit system running Windows 8. I have the Premeir Contractor Edition 2011. Thanks! This has been very frustrating since November 2012.


                                     i was frustrated by this problem as well. 

                                      Worked perfectly on QB 2012 with my Windows 8.  Thank you so much!!
                                        Thank you so much!!! It worked!!!

                                          This solution worked on my Windows 8.1 64bit system running QB 2012 R14 flawlessly.

                                          Thank you

                                            Thanks so much for this easy tutorial. I've had nothing but problems with Windows 8. Every single time I attempt to do something I have to look for support on the issue - not just Quickbooks - all my non-Microsoft products. ugh!
                                              Arvind your a fucking genius buddy, i would kiss you if you were here in Miami lol..
                                                worked perfectly. thanks
                                                quickbooks pro 2012
                                                  Quickbooks Premier Edition 2012 - Windows 8 operating system

                                                  I used Michele Long's suggestion for CutePDF and it works, so far, so good to save the files. I am sure it will print with no problem. I will be emailing the reports I copied today. Thanks, Michele!

                                                    This also works on 8.1 Pro using QuickBooks Premier Pro 2011...thanks a bunch for the help!

                                                      Works on Windows 8.1! Thanks :)

                                                        Having the same problem with QB 2011-12 and Windows 8.1

                                                        Have tried the solution above, but at step 11 there is no "select replace current drivers"

                                                        Still wont email, and gives me the error 20 message. Any further ideas would be great thanks



                                                          This fixed my problem with Windows 8.1 and Quickbooks PRO 2011, NOW they are compatable. THANK YOU.


                                                            Worked great.


                                                              Just spent a couple hours on this until I found this post. It worked!!!!! Thank you so much.

                                                              For others: My problem was saving an invoice as a pdf. I had Quickbooks Pro 2011 on Windows 8.1. I had run the pdf tool even though it wasn't for my version. Somewhere along the line I had deleted the other pdf writer that came with QBs, so I thought it might be that. I also had reinstalled XPS Writer a few times already... something about these files is different and worked for me. Thanks!!!!


                                                                That worked, thank you!


                                                                  Thanks so much. I wasted roughly 6 hours trying to figure this thing out on my new computer.  By finding your link and following your step by step instructions it now works perfectly. You would think Quickbooks would help their longtime loyal customers by helping them out without trying to squeeze some extra money from us. The PDF download fixer they have didn't do a thing for me.

                                                                  Thanks again!


                                                                    Spent too much time on the phone with an Intuit tech guy who only wanted to sell me the 2015 version and  couldn't guarantee that would solve the pdf problem.  He even claimed there was no known issue about creating pdfs in earlier versions of QB!   I tried these instructions and it's all working now. Step #11 never came up on my computer, so I went right on to 12.  Thanks for posting this.


                                                                      Happy as well to report this fix worked on Quickbooks Pro 2013, which worked fine when originally installed, then failed after one week.  This tip is a lifesaver, and planning to test on QB Enterprise 12 today, in order to help a client that is in dire straights, with this issue.

                                                                      Thanks for the great tip!!!

                                                                      • You are welcome, Please try the link mentioned below as a new version of PDF repair tool is available which works on windows 8.

                                                                      Printer wont install

                                                                      • Please give me details
                                                                      • Followed the instructions exactly.....attempted to install the XPS printer but error comes up stating printer driver not installed.
                                                                      • Uninstall QB, Follow steps again giving XPS a new name at the right step like XPS new and Install Quickbooks again.

                                                                      What if you're using QB Pro 11 and coming straight from Windows XP.  Any suggested work around

                                                                      • Try the Article mentioned below
                                                                      • Did the pdf repair install and didn't help.  Still cannot get QB11 in W8 to save as pdf.  This was a big deal for me for saving customer files on the computer instead of on paper.  I have still QB11 on my desktop running XP, but really wanted to gravitate to the laptop

                                                                      Followed these instructions and it worked.  Thanks


                                                                      Thank you so much this worked perfectly.


                                                                        It worked!  Thank you!

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