taxable amount calculation is wrong

i have an entry with 4 items. 2 are "out of scope of tax" and 2 are "18% gst" entries.

in the reports, QBO is showing "taxable amount" as all 4 instead of only two which is absolutely WRONG. I need this fixed ASAP

i have attached screenshot of "transaction list by customer report" where the total shown under taxable amount is Rs. 12263.00 when in the invoice, only Rs. 350.00 is the taxable amount on which correct tax is calculated because the entries in second screenshot of Rs. 7685 and Rs. 4228 are shown as "out of scope of tax" meaning they have NO tax implicaiton, yet the report is showing them under taxable amount.

This is unacceptable. I demand an immediate fix to this mess because first the clients are suffering and the GST department officials are issuing demands based on the data provided by your software. Please dont suggest me to send feedback because the feedback is not answered otherwise we would not be having these problems.

I am giving an ultimatum that intuit stop wasting our time with our false advertising and actually deliver a product our customers can use or we can go to zoho or even cleartax and hostbooks which offer a FAR better tax experience than QBO.

We dont need fancy features like bank reconciliation and bank import. just let us do basic sales and purchase entries and give us proper reports




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Thanks for reporting this error. However, we request you to report things that are affecting your books of account to the Customer Support Team via our Contact Us page:

Hope this helps!

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