GST Invoice round off not working correctly

Dear Mr. Sam/Mr Biswa


We have 2 quick book accounts of technowell enterprises/finishpest enterprises

My Login is [removed]




A few months back

I had requested for modifying your code for accepting the round off value in decimals for items where your code is not printing the round off amount in the bill.

Mr Biswa/Mr Sam had given me a temporary solution that I fill in the round off amount in the

Tracking Amt box.

This is creating problems as my staff sometimes forgets to enter the amt in tracking amt box  and bill printed is not correct.

I am attaching a screen shot of what I am trying to explain. Pl see Roundoff1.jpg


2nd issue is

While displaying the rate when I select exclusive of tax the rate is displayed in 4 to 5 decimals and when the CGST and SGST is being calculated your software is showing different amts for CGST and SGST

This is not acceptable.

Both values should be displayed as same.

Pl see Round off 2 jpg.

How can I give a bill like this to my customer


Mr. Sam/Mr Biswa were both explained this problem nearly 3 months back and had reassured me that they have explained this to their software team and it will be resolved soon and I will be informed of the same.


But there is no response from the quick book team


Both my subscriptions are coming up for renewal soon and I need to think if I should continue with quickbook.

Can you please update me on this or call me and I will connect to anydesk and actually you can see what my issue is.


Till now your customer care response has been excellent but this is frustrating.

Can I expect an immediate reply on this issue


Thanks and regards

Kaizad Billimoria



Hi Kaizad,

Thank you for your note on the issue you're facing. QuickBooks is designed to round off up to two decimal places. This being said, we assure you that your total tax calculation will still turn out to be correct as this system is not going to affect the calculations in any way. 

For now, that's how this functionality is made to work, but if there's any change in this, we'll surely keep you posted.

If you still need more clarifications, we can connect you to an expert. Please drop us a message and let us know.

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