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I attempted to write this question previously  just now but it included using a chain of digits several times to illustrate the appearance of ACH payments I receive as deposits into my business bank account. When I tried to SUBMIT this question, this site rejected it saying it would not allow personal information, including telephone numbers and social security numbers to be included in a question.

I will try again but avoid using the chains of digits to illustrate the problem, Simply stated:

 I receive electronic ACH payments from companies in which their deposits show up (on paper and electronically) in my bank account as a literal name e. g., "Company No. 1" followed by a string of digits, as many as 6 to 12, sometimes remaining the same but more typically varying continually almost every time I receive a payment. This is true for multiple customers. When I try to load these statements into my QB register, QB interprets each entry, with its differing suffix of digits, as a different customer and asks for the setting up of each as a new customer with a unique name. For some companies this would lead to an endless proliferation of differently-named customers who are all really the same customer. I'm aware that one can use aliases to point multiple names to one single name, and I'm aware one can merge accounts into a single account. Neither of these methods holds much appeal when repeated many times. Similar problems happen (albeit much less often) with vendor names. Is there a better solution to this problem?



Thank you for visiting us once again, ggoodman.

Let me help you record those payments without being prompt to create a new customer.

Is the amount you're trying to record coming from your QuickBooks Payments account? If so, try recording this payment as a Merchant Service Deposit.

Here's how:

  1. Go to your Banking menu. 
  2. Choose Record Merchant Service Deposit.
  3. Go to Add Online Payments tab to manually add these payments to be recorded in your bank account.

    Here are the other tabs available on this window:

    • Ready To Record: This will show all the transactions in a batch.
    • Recorded: Here you can view and monitor transactions that were successfully recorded.
    • Errors: This will display transactions that you need to manually record in QuickBooks.  

    Check this article for more information: Record Merchant Service Deposits.

    That should fix it. Let me know if you are still experiencing this issue after trying those steps or if you need more help concerning the error, by leaving a comment below. I'll be here to help. Have a good day.

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