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I run QB Accountant 2018. I often download my bank statements as an Excel file (.xls), and then edit that file as needed to prepare it for batch entry of transactions into QB. It generally works very well with only one significant problem: After I have copied the Excel file I want to load into QB and then pasted it into the Batch Enter Transactions window appropriate for that particular account, and appropriate for the kind of transaction(s) being loaded (checks, or deposits or whatever) it is common for me to find a number of records displayed in red type and the warning that the "text is not valid for that field" or similar language-- for the PAYOR, the PAYEE, or the ACCOUNT. Sometimes for both ACCOUNT and either Payor or Payee depending on the transaction being a debit or credit.

I try to be careful to make the column for the payor or payee in my Excel file, before I paste into the Batch Enter Transactions window, to use exactly the same name as that used in my list of customers or vendors. (Same spelling, punctuation if any, and upper or lower case characters consistent between the two). For the account column, I try similarly to use in the Excel file exactly the name of the QB account, pasted from QB's list of Vendors or Customers into the Excel file.  Despite doing so, unpredictably I will get the red lettering and the warning that the Payor or Payee is "not in the Names list" and the offer to set that up as a Quick Add or more formally. For the Account column, I sometimes (not consistently) have the experience of being told "That name is already in use" and that I must use a different name for the account. I usually opt just to add a single digit after the "name that is already in use" and that suffices. But sometimes the warning will recur with pasting of later statement files and results in the demand again to use a different name.

It turns out that, in a column containing multiple red-lettered entries stating "invalid text" for the Payor or Payee, sometimes just clicking on that "invalid text" will remove the red lettering and the text somehow is now valid-- but the click must be performed on each subsequent occurrence of the red-lettered text in question-- the change of merely the first entry from invalid to valid does not validate the same name in all subsequent entries.

After the appropriate corrections/validations have been made, the Batch Entry continues without trouble.

This problem is not catastrophic and correcting it is not enormously labor intensive as such tasks go, but I was wondering if anyone can advise me on what I'm doing wrong and how best to correct it before I even try to copy the Excel file into the Batch Enter Transactions window. Once pasted into that window, is there any way to make the correction to one name/account extend automatically to every other occurrence of that same name or same account?

Related question about this annoying need to invent new names for the accounts that I have associated with a given payor or payee. Why is this happening and can it be avoided?

Thanks so much.



Hello there, ggoodman,

I appreciate you taking time to share your experience when uploading transactions using an Excel file in QuickBooks.

When you upload a file into the Batch Enter Transaction window, you need to double check each and every single detail it contained. Every item should match with what's recorded in QuickBooks since it reads even a single space indicated in it.

Once you paste the Excel file and made sure that your spreadsheet contains all the required data that will be imported, QuickBooks will no longer be giving you invalid text and will let you upload the file smoothly.

For additional reference, you can check out this article: Enter Transactions by Batch in QuickBooks Desktop.

Please let me know how it goes and if you need further assistance in uploading transactions in QuickBooks. I'm just around if you need help.

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