Is anyone having trouble making changes in the rewards program using QB POS 2013?

I'm currently using QB POS 2013 Pro Level.  We have a rewards program in place that we've been using for 4 years now.  We decided to change our tracking period time frame.  When we made the adjustments it made many of our customer's accounts inaccurate such as threshold amounts varied by person and rewards were erased when we chose the option to keep the current rewards.  I spoke with support and they suggested "run verify" and if that came back with no errors to perform a clean reinstall.  I did that but it did not correct the reward manager issue.  Has anyone else experienced this recently? 


Thank you for visiting us here in the Community, savvychic.

Let's toggle the settings to refresh the rewards program in your account.

Please follow these steps below:

  1. Make sure to create a back up copy to secured all the data. 
  2. Go to Rewards Manager to change the threshold to a test amount.
  3. A prompt will pop up says "All New rewards will be calculated against the new reward...
  4. Click Continue, then select the Finish button.

Once done, perform the same process above but this time select the right Purchase Threshold to update all the rewards.

After the process above, let's define the program by executing the steps below:

  1. Select Rewards Manager from the Customer menu.
  2. Choose Turn Tracking ON if it's not set yet.
  3. Enter an amount for the Purchase Threshold. This is the amount your customer must spend in your store to earn a reward.
  4. Specify the Reward Amount (dollar amount or percentage), and then select $ off or % off from the drop-down list.
  5. Select a Reward Expiration period (optional), and then specify the Purchase Tracking Period.
  6. Enter a Start date. The End date is optional. To leave the program open-ended, select the No End Date check box. All qualifying items purchased during this period accumulate towards earning rewards.
  7. In the Rewards Options area, make selections for how you wish to enroll members, be alerted when rewards are earned, and set a Redemption Blocking Period.
  8. If you enter a redemption blocking period, the entered number of days will be added to the reward expiration date. 
  9. Click Save.
  10. If you get the Reward Change dialog, click OK to close it. This dialog is displayed anytime you modify your rewards program, to alert you to potential effects the change may have on current and future rewards.

By performing the steps above, you'll be able to make changes in the rewards program using QB POS 2013.

Here are other tasks/information available from Reward Manager:

  • Reward Program Status: Displays the total value of rewards redeemed under your program, and options to turn the program on/off and to view reward reports (Member List and Redemption History).
  • I Want To menu: This menu includes two powerful options:
    • Enroll All Customers in Rewards Program. All existing customers are enrolled in the program. Customers you add later are not enrolled unless you also select Automatically enroll new customers in the Rewards Options area.
    • Clear All Rewards. Removes all existing earned rewards from all customers. Current purchase tracking balances are not affected

Please don't hesitate to leave a comment if you have other concerns about updating the rewards program in QuickBooks Point of Sale. I'm just around if you need help.

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