Single receipt is shown twice in banking tab to Add/Match. Bank account is linked & no manual uploads made. Gave ledger balance to management and got scolded.

follwoing are my issues:

1. All banks are auto synced from years and there is no manual uploads.

One NEFT receipt from customer is done for Rs. 50,000 and Quickbooks shows the same transaction twice in separate line items, but not in chronological order as there was many receipts in a day. We added both to the customer ledger as accounts receivable. Now the ledger is incorrect worth Rs. 50,000 which is highly material aspect for the company with respect to that particular customer.

When open balance and ledger statement was given to the management, quickbooks made me realize what it is and how much careful I need to be while using it!. 

2. When we maintain accounts only & Not inventory, if I ask customer care to help me account inventory, they suggest me to pass journal entry! This is the kind of knowledge they have. Then, to test them, I asked what would be Dr. & what would be Cr. in that stock valuation journal entry. They told I need to create "Opening balance Equity account" and this will increase my share capital value.

3. Unable to print debit note and only possible to print Sales & Credit note.

When asked to customer care, they told I need to take printscreen and send to Suppliers/Customers. According to them, customers will get credit note and not debit note and suppliers will get debit note and not credit note.

Please understand we can give both Dr./Cr. notes to both Suppliers & Customers and that depends upon the price difference. I Need to Printscreen those Dr. notes and send to my customers without letterhead format/Invoice format(No GSTIN, No Company name & Contact Details)

Thanks quickbooks


Hi goutham,

I can't say for sure, but I think what may have happened to you there is something that I have had to be careful of in the past. If you are downloading your transactions from the bank through the bank feeds, you have to be careful that your dates do not overlap. For example, if I go to bank feeds and download my transactions for January 1 through January 5 and then a few days later I do the same thing for January 5 through January 10, then it is going to download all of the transactions that posted on January 5 a second time. In order to not get duplicate transactions, I have to download for January 6 through January 10. Sometimes, transactions that posted later in the day will be missed this way, however. In order to avoid missing transactions, I usually do allow my dates to overlap, but then after I download the transactions I search for duplicate transactions and delete the duplicates. Not sure if this will help, but hopefully it will. Let me know if you need clarification.

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