Importing QBO file keep downloading 2 years worth of transactions!

We use Chase Bank for the company account and just the other day decided to start downloading the bank transactions via the QBO File.  We knew the first time we did this it would be a pain as it would download and need to reconcile months if not years of transactions. It turns out it download 2 years worth of bank transactions equating to approx 1900 transactions.

It automatched about 100 so it quickly took care of those.  Then we set up duwal screen mode.  Put the account registry on one screen and the downloaded transaction list on the other.  We then sorted by check # and any check that was already entered, and manual reconciled from the paper statement in the past was unreconciled then Quickbooks auto matched it was removed from the list. We then went through all of the ETF transactions and checked them all that matched and clicked IGNORE from the option at the bottom. This removed them from the list.  Anyway kept this up until the last was down to ZERO.

The next day we came in and downloaded the file again to test it and make sure it only added the new transactions.  Nope it redownloaded the same full list and automatch about 24 transactions.  The remaining list is there again even the check we unreconciled then let the program automatched.  We had assumed any IGNORED or Automatched transaction would not pop up again but that does not seem to be the case.  It is possible the automatched and reconciled items where not present the 2nd time we downloaded but I can not be sure at this time.

I am somewhat new to using Quickbooks and used to use Quicken for personal finances years ago.  I recall doing something similar when first linking or manual downloaded a transaction file from a financial institutions and only had to deal with this the first time.  Every time after that it only showed the new transaction and no longer listed the previous transactions

What are we doing wrong? How can we correct this?  Does ignoring just ignore it right now and not permanently?


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