This article contains release notes for QuickBooks Desktop Pro & Premier 2017 and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Solutions 17.0. Later releases (ones with higher numbers) include all changes in earlier releases.


Release 4 (R4) - December 2016

  • Compliance
  • Forms
    • Added the ability to print T4A forms
    • Fixed an issue that caused the "You need to setup employees before you can process a Record of Employment" error when trying to process a Record of Employment (ROE)
    • Fixed an issue that caused employees to not appear in the Process Record of Employment (ROE) screen if a different year was selected for processing T4s or RL-1s.

Release 3 (R3) - October 2016

  • Scheduled Reports:
    • Enhancements made to support using “Scheduled reports” for multiple editions of QuickBooks (from the 2017 release) installed on the same machine.
    • Proactive and dynamic messaging to guide users while they create schedules for sending reports. This includes detecting any conflicting settings/permissions and messaging the same to the user before they create schedules.
  • SDK
    • SDK now supports Multi SKU and to leverage this feature SDK developers can use "QBXMLRP2.DLL and QBInstanceFinder.DLL” from this release.
    • Multi SKU support is enabled by exposing a new method “BeginSession2” in interface “IRequestProcessor6”.
  • Sales Tax: For new company files created after October 27, 2016, QuickBooks Desktop is showing the following HST updates:
    • Newfoundland & Labrador HST increase from 13% to 15% that went into effect July 1, 2016
    • New Brunswick HST increase from 13% to 15% that went into effect July 1, 2016
    • Prince Edward Island HST increase from 14% to 15% that went into effect October 1, 2016

General Changes for all versions of QuickBooks Desktop 2017

  • Deleted users show on Reports: Now you can see users that you have deleted on all reports by username, no longer seeing “unknown” as the user. 
    • This is only for QuickBooks Desktop 2017 and later.
    • Will show users in the reports even if they were deleted prior to QuickBooks Desktop 2017, going back to QuickBooks Desktop 2014.
    • For additional information, please see Insight into Deleted users.
  • Deposit Notification: The Banking section of your QuickBooks Desktop Home Screen, it will now show you a red notification for waiting deposits.
  • Easier Amount Search: You can now use  In between amounts search to filter amount ranges in reports, find, and transactions
  • Enhanced selection of filters: The User Interface of the improved selection of multiple names will allow you to select multiple names like Customers, Item, Vendor or Account Filter. This allows you to easily select, de-select names and find individual names.
  • Improved Multi-user Mode:
    • You can now see who is logged in and give them time to save work.
    • Quickly coordinate the right time to switch between Single and Multi user mode real-time chat between users in QuickBooks Messenger.
    • Refer to Improved Multi-user mode for more information
  • New Search Types: New filters added: Customer Type and Vendor Type
  • Search as you type: This new feature allows you to start typing in any field and see all possible matches. This feature looks at the first few letters of a word. For instance, “A1 Customer Storage Shed” you are able to type the following and it will find those things that match: A1, Customer, Storage, Shed. A space must be included in order for this feature to recognize a word. If you have “A1CustomerStorage Shed” you will be able to search A1 or Shed and come up with matches, it will not find matches for customer or storage in this case. When matches are found using the first word as the search, you are able to use the down arrow to go through the list; however when searching using a second word and no first word items match, then you will not be able to use the arrow, it will stay on "Add New". You will be able to use the mouse to navigate to the item that needs to be selected.
  • Need to find a transaction with a number, but can’t remember the exact number? Use this to filter amount ranges in reports, find, and transactions.
  • Schedule Reports: You can now set up a schedule to automatically e-mail memorized reports. Choose the time of day and the frequency on which to send the report and QuickBooks Desktop will do the rest for you. For additional information, please see Scheduled Reports 101.
  • Show applied filters on Reports: You can now quickly view all applied filters on a report. Just click the Show button and QuickBooks will display all of your filters. You can also print off the applied filters. Just set the Applied Filters to Show and your filters will be included on the last page of the report.
  • Track Credit Card Status. Now you can see when a credit card charge has been reconciled with a “Cleared” stamp right on the transaction.


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